Updates help you stay on top of all your activity on DevRev.

    Conversations, tickets and issues for which you are an owner, member, or creator; have commented on; or have been @mentioned are automatically shown in your updates. For other tickets and issues, you can follow them to receive some or all updates through the bell icon 🔔 on the work item.

    Follow work#

    • You can follow work items to start receiving updates by checking all or some update types.
    • You can unfollow work items to stop updates by unchecking all or some update types.
    • Both discussions and field updates show up as participation updates.
    • Participation updates are the most frequent. We suggest unfollowing them to reduce noise in your updates.

    Follow work

    Follow conversations#

    To receive updates about conversations in the PLuG inbox, you must be a member of the Support group. To manage membership of the Support group go to Settings > Groups.

    You can find additional information here.

    Update Types#

    Any activity on a work item can trigger an update. A list of the update types and the corresponding activity.

    AssignmentsAdded as an owner on a work item
    Mentions@mentioned in a conversation inside a work item
    ParticipationDiscussions on a work item of which you are an owner, have commented on or followed
    ParticipationField updates on a work item of which you are an owner or followed

    You can filter and sort work items by type and status in all updates.

    Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 2 36 30 PM

    Daily email digest#

    DevRev sends a daily email digest with a summary of unread updates. The updates in the email are not comprehensive but give you a snapshot of what you might have missed. Clicking the link in the email takes you to the Updates page in DevRev where you can see all the latest items.