DevRev Documentation

Get an overview of DevRev’s product, capabilities and features, and begin using DevRev.

DevRev EthOS#

DevRev EthOS is our approach to building a product-led and customer-centric company. Learn more about EthOS here.

Get the app#

DevRev Beta is now available for select partners. If you are interested in joining our early Beta program, complete this Beta survey. Once our team reviews your submission, we will let you know when we are ready to help you bring your Devs closer to your Revs.

Watch this short video to familiarize yourself with the product.

Core concepts#

DevRev bridges siloes by connecting three core objects: identity, work, and parts. By connecting work to parts and parts to customer and developer identity, we bring Devs closer to their Revs.


  • Dev refers to you and your team
  • Rev refers to your customer


Part is a related piece of a product and can be made of Rev Parts and Dev Parts

  • Rev Parts relate to how a product is consumed by your customers, with three main types: Product, Capability and Features
  • Dev Parts are the code, service or components built or used by the developer
  • Rev Parts, such as Features and Capabilities are often served by one or more Dev Parts.


Work is anything that requires activity to be performed by a human or machine; it requires an owner and some level of effort

  • Conversation: A conversational work item that may be escalated to a ticket
  • Ticket: A work item created by the customer or consumer
  • Issue: A work item created by the builder or maintainer
  • Task: A work item typically used to break down larger work


Your first experience in our app will be in DevRev Trails. This video will give you inspiration, and a glimpse of where we are headed. Build your Trail, create Rev and Dev Parts and connect them to enable your teams to be product-led and customer-centric. Learn more about creating parts and trails here.

Import issues#

Move issues from your existing issue tracker such as GitHub and Jira, to ease the transition into DevRev. Learn more about how to import issues from GitHub and Jira.

Bridging siloes#

Connect front-office and back-office work with DevRev to collapse silos, avoid work duplication, preserve context, and more. Learn more about the types of work and how we believe it should be managed here.


Enable communication with your Revs through the PLuG, a widget that your end users can use to interact with you. Learn more about integrating PLuG into your app here.

Work automation#

Enable GitHub work automation via DevRev's Flows. You can associate GitHub commits, branches and pull requests with DevRev work, allowing you to automate manual tasks and keep GitHub and DevRev activity in sync. Learn more about how to set up automations here.


Stay on top of all your activity on DevRev with Updates. Learn more about types of updates, and how you can stay in the loop here.


You can use our APIs for basic operations. Learn more about using DevRev’s APIs here, and stay tuned as we continue to expose more APIs.