Let’s help create the earth’s most customer-centric companies.

The software industry is wasting hundreds of billions of dollars in activities that are bound to become autonomous with machine intelligence (think “self-driving”), provided one cleverly replaces existing systems of record. We are building a highly engaging system of record that promises to make product development and customer service joyous! DevRev brings our customers (Developers) closer to their customers (Revenue).

We've raised a multi-million seed funding that's unheard of in the history of the Valley — proven founders, who built a multi-billion dollar public company, large TAM, and tech at the cusp of AI and design. Our team is joined by some best of the best in the industry with backgrounds including:

We are looking to build an intrinsically curious and highly motivated team. We believe in long-term greed and are looking for missionaries, not mercenaries. While we have presumably raised the largest seed round in the history of Silicon Valley, money won’t guarantee success. Our people and culture will.

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