A product is a combination of rev parts and dev parts. Changes to a part could be in the form of addition, deprecation, or transformation. While the changes are a set of tasks or work for the build teams involved, the outcome of relevance is either a new part, an existing part which is deprecated, or an existing part that is improved or expanded. In the latter case, the enhancement record merges with the part on which this activity is based.

Enhancements may be used to track higher-level groups of user stories or to bundle related work together. This usage of "enhancement" is similar to "epic" in other build approaches.


To create an enhancement, go to Product > Parts, click + Part, and select Enhancement from the menu.

Enhancement state machine


  • Ideation
  • Prioritized

In progress

  • In design
  • In development
  • In testing


  • Limited availability
  • General availability


  • Deprecated
  • Won't do