DevRev Changelog

v0.2.5 (2021-09-20)#

Social and support in the spotlight#

This release introduces various new social features, a sneak peak of DevRev's support capabilities, a new way to authenticate, as well as some quality of life improvements for work.

Detailed Changelog#


  • Authentication
    • Google Login - Login to your organization with your Google account


  • Work CRUD
    • Tags - Support for using simple, string only, tags in your work items
    • Custom objects and fields (API Only) - Create custom work items and fields
    • Additional filters and the ability to group by a field


  • Messaging
    • Support for threads
    • Support for reactions
    • Introduced typing indicator


Push Notifications * Introduced @mention notifications (API only)


  • In-App support
    • Introduced a sneak peak version of in-app support


  • Define Data models for Plans and its workflows like versioning, override, custom plan.
  • Implement CRUDL for plans in enact service

v0.2.0 (2021-08-20)#

GitHub Integration, Autosuggest, and much more!#

You can now take advantage of the GitHub integration to discover parts from your code you did not even know existed. You will also enjoy a much richer profile and social experience with pictures, emojis and real-time messaging.

Detailed Changelog#


  • DevOrg
    • Support for adding a logo
  • DevOrg User
    • Support for adding a profile picture


  • Work CRUD
    • Support for new work types
    • Enhanced new and existing work types with additional fields
    • Support for filtering and sorting work items
    • Revamped the create work UI
    • Introduced autosuggest when creating new work


  • Messaging
    • Support for using emojis
    • Support for updating/deleting messages
    • More responsive (real-time) messaging


  • GitHub Integration - Discover parts by connecting your DevOrg to GitHub

v0.1.0 (2021-06-20)#

DevRev "Hello, World!"#

We've released the first internal version of DevRev!

This release introduces the concepts of identity, work, parts and social which will be the foundation for DevRev. You can now access the system with a simple magic link, create work items that track your day-to-day activities and attach them to the corresponding product.