Linear Airdrop


To ease the transition from Linear to DevRev, you can choose to import your Linear team issues into DevRev. To import your Linear issues, go to Settings > Imports then select Start Import or Import.

From there, create a new connection to your Linear workspace or use an existing connection if you already have one. Once the connection is established, select the team's issues you wish to import. This will perform a bulk import of the selected issues. DevRev will try to automatically and sensibly map your fields to corresponding fields in DevRev, but it may prompt you on how you want to map certain fields.

Post import options

After a successful import, you will have these options added for an imported project:

  • Sync to DevRev
    • Write any modifications made in Linear to the corresponding work item in DevRev
    • Create new work items in DevRev for any new issues created in Linear after the last sync or import
  • View Report
    • View details of the initial import and any syncs performed afterward
  • Delete Import
    • Removes the import and all work that was imported into DevRev from the Linear team
  • Edit Connection
    • Changes the connection used for any subsequent action (i.e. Sync). This is helpful if a connection goes stale or the user who established it is no longer available.

Historical imports#

You can view currently running and previous imports from any source, including Linear, by navigating to Settings > Imports.

Sync to DevRev#

After a successful issue import from a Linear team, you have the sync to DevRev option. The sync to DevRev feature will import any new issues and any new changes to previously imported issues.

To perform a sync to DevRev, go to Settings > Imports and find the previously imported project and select the Sync > ⇾ DevRev option.

Note: This will override work's fields, even if they were changed in DevRev.