DevRev Glossary


A collection of features that enable a customer to achieve a use case.

Capability is a unit of licensing and entitlement for the persona driving a particular use case. As a collection of features, capabilities are grouped into different buckets for tiered use cases (for example, starter-professional-enterprise).

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Terms related to capability: feature, product


An integration with an external system.

Terms related to connection: snap-in


An interaction between the builder and consumer that may be escalated to a ticket.

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Terms related to conversation: ticket


A DevRev user who develops, builds, or provides products or services to a customer (rev).

Terms related to dev: rev


The operating system provided by DevRev to build a product-led and customer-centric company.

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Terms related to DevCRM: DevRev


A platform that brings developers (devs) closer to customers (revs) by providing a single system of record for development, customer-facing, and product teams.

DevRev's mission is to leverage design, data engineering, and machine intelligence to empower engineers to embrace their customers.

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A thing that your product does, which should contribute to solving the overall problem the product is trying to solve. It is an individual experience or element of functionality.

Features are the smallest unit of entitlement (user) or deployment (developer, DevOps) that can be switched on or off, based on which tier the user is licensed to use, or which feature flag has been toggled in the production cloud. Features comprise sub-features and APIs.

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Terms related to feature: capability, product


The mechanism to ensure that internal users (devs) get access to the correct data and have a personalized experience and to ensure that an organization can accurately maintain a system of record for their leads, customers, and users.

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Terms related to identity: part, work


A work item created by the builder or maintainer of a part.

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Terms related to issue: ticket, part, work


A app store for DevCRM where creators and consumers come together to create, interact, and transact.


The owner or customer of a product or service; also a workspace in DevCRM for a particular group.

A rev org is a customer organization of the DevOrg's products or services. A dev org is an organization that is DevRev's direct customer and who provides products and/or services to their customers (rev orgs).


A component of a product.

A part can be made of other parts. Events and work items can be specific to any type of part. Rev parts related to how a product is expressed, integrated, or consumed. Dev parts are those built internally related to code or something the developer relies on or builds, or a service provided by an organization.

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Terms related to part: identity, trail, work


The part of the DevRev platform that directly enables communication with and understanding of your end users, including your customer success and support teams.

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The entity around which a business is organized and its profit and loss (PnL) is monitored.

Businesses may have multiple products.

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Terms related to product: capability, feature


The customer of a product or service developed, built, or provided by a developer (dev).

Terms related to rev: dev


A mechanism to extend DevCRM’s value by connecting with external systems, automating workflows, or personalizing your experience.


A work item typically used to break down a larger ticket or issue into more manageable pieces.

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Terms related to task: issue, work


A work item that comes from the front office (customer, employee, engineer).

A ticket requires an owner and some level of interaction or work to be performed. While incidents may be notification only, a ticket requires someone or something to take some action (triage).

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Terms related to ticket: conversation, issue, work


Connects dev parts (the code, service, or components built or used by the developer) and rev parts (how a product is expressed, integrated, or consumed).

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Terms related to trail: part


A member of a dev or rev organization.

Terms related to user: organization