Intro to PLuG

Welcome to DevRev PLuG platform! Our goal is to provide an easy to use experience that empowers your end users and customer facing teams with ready access to relevant information to enable more effective communication. This document provides definitions of some key components of the platform.


  • This refers to the part of the platform that directly enables communication with and understanding of your end users. This includes your customer success and support teams.
  • PLuG is not an exact acronym but can be interpreted as Product-Led User Growth.

PLuG Widget#

  • This is the widget or ‘chat box’ that your end users will use to interact with you. You can find installation instructions here.
  • You can see an example of this here.


PLuG Inbox#

  • This is where Conversations started by your end users are found.
  • You can access it from the left hand navigation bar in the DevRev app.
  • End users can start Conversations from the PLuG Widget installed on your website/app or through email if you have set up email configuration.
  • If you have not yet set up email configuration but would like to beta test this feature, please reach out to us through the PLuG Widget or at


  • Conversations refer to the communication chain you have with your end user accessible through the PLuG inbox.
  • This is different from a Ticket.


  • A Ticket is used to capture anything that you may need to follow up on from a conversation.
  • In general, this will be bugs, feature requests, and anything in between.
  • Not all Conversations will lead to Tickets (for example, quick questions about if there is a sale can be handled within the Conversation without a Ticket created).
  • The Ticket should describe what the end user is experiencing in language that is familiar to them. Developer specific language will be reflected in Issues.


  • An Issue describes what the developer will work on.
  • Tickets and Issues should be linked and it is a many to many relationship.
  • For example, it may require multiple Issues to resolve a Ticket or one Issue may resolve multiple Tickets if end users experience and describe the same behavior in different ways.

Conversation(s) → Ticket(s) → Issue(s)#

A Conversation is typically started by RevU. It may be a short interaction such as a quick question about a sale. These do not require Tickets. However, it could contain one or many items that you would want to capture in a Ticket. For example, if a RevU wrote in and reported a crashing behavior, asked for an enhancement to an existing feature, and asked for entirely new functionality, you would likely create three Tickets all linked to the same Conversation. This means you do not need to ask your RevUs to write in three separate times about each topic they'd like to discuss and can still track each item separately.


  • In the DevRev ecosystem RevU refers to your end user. RevU is short for Rev User.


  • In the DevRev ecosystem DevU refers to members of your organization. DevU is short for Dev User. This term is not exclusive to software developers and can be used to reference other members of your organization such as a Support DevU.


  • This is short for RevOrganization which is the organization a RevU is part of.


  • This is short for DevOrganization which is your company.

Coming Soon#

  • Conversation Translation
  • Anonymous User (Leads) Support in Widget
  • Ticket Panel in Widget
  • Automatic Routing
  • Auto Responder
  • SLA Management
  • Custom Saved Inboxes
  • Knowledge Base Search in Widget
  • In Widget Video and Screen share

Don't see a feature you'd like? Let us know!

Contact Us#

You can reach our team through the DevRev PLuG widget in the bottom left of the DevRev app or at We’re looking forward to hearing from you!