Integrate SendGrid with DevRev#

Integrate your SendGrid account with the DevRev app and use it to reply from your organization’s support email address. Manage all customer communication from a single inbox.

For more information, refer to the SendGrid snap-in description on the DevRev marketplace.

Let’s set up the SendGrid integration for you#

Follow these 2 steps to exercise the complete access of your domain from the DevRev app.

Before you begin, generate an API key in your SendGrid account.

Making a new connection#

  1. On your DevRev app, open the settings and go to Integrations > Connections.

    This page shows all your existing integrations. In the top-right corner, click + Connection.

  2. Select SendGrid and enter a name for your connection. Enter the API key that you created in SendGrid. Enable Make connection available to your DevOrg and click Connect.

    DevRev app SendGrid connection

Flow with us#

  1. Go to Settings > Snap-ins. Here you see all the existing snap-ins pertaining to different connections. In the top-right corner, click Explore Marketplace.

  2. Scroll down the page to find the SendGrid snap-in and click Install.

  3. In Organization’s support email address enter your organization’s email address. If the domain name is not registered in the app, you can add that name in the Domain allow list to create the conversation in a new state; otherwise, it’s created in a suspended state.

    You can also specify a signature to append to outgoing emails from the support address.

    DevRev app email settings

    When you have set the desired parameters, click Next.

  4. In SendGrid Connection, select the connection that you created. You could create a connection here by following the steps given above. Then click Next. A forwarding email address is displayed.

    DevRev app email settings

  5. Configure your email provider to forward emails from your support email address to Whether it is Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, or any other email provider, this integration works.

Your inbox after setting up SendGrid integration#

Any email sent to your organization’s support email address shows up in Support > Inbox.

Reply to the email never having to leave this conversation. Meanwhile, the DevRev AI bot sends an automated reply borrowing some time for response and asking any additional information that may help in the customer’s inquiry.

DevRev inbox

Reply to this email using your SendGrid account never having to leave the PLuG inbox. This reply can be seen in the customer’s email inbox.

Gmail inbox