Email with DMARC

Send DMARC-compliant emails with DevRev#

Preserve branding and boost user engagement by sending DMARC-compliant emails through the DevRev app. When you first integrate your email account with DevRev, the recipient might get a warning like Sent via DevRev. This means you haven’t authorized DevRev to deliver emails for you, so the mailbox provider identifies it as being sent from DevRev instead of from your organization. We give you an option to have emails sent from your organization.

For more information, refer to the DMARC snap-in description on the DevRev marketplace.

Let's complete the compliance check for you#

Follow these 2 steps to protect your domain against abuse in phishing and spoofing attacks by DMARC validation.

Make a new connection#

  1. Open the settings on your DevRev app and go to Integrations > Connections.

    This page shows all your existing integrations. In the top-right corner, select + Connection.

  2. Select Email service and name your connection. Enter the domain name of your website and click Connect.

    This opens the Email Domain Configuration box. Here you can see the records that you have to add in your domain’s DNS settings.

  3. In the DNS settings of your domain provider, copy and paste the Name and the Value from your DevRev app, selecting the appropriate record Type. Select the TTL as required. Repeat the steps for all 6 records and click Save. Then click Verify on your DevRev app.

    Email provider DNS settings

    This confirmation indicates that the connection is ready.

    DNS records configuration verified successfully

Flow with us#

  1. Go to Settings > Snap-ins. Here you see all the existing snap-ins pertaining to different connections. In the top-right corner, click Explore Marketplace.

  2. Scroll down the page to find the DMARC snap-in and click Install.

  3. In Organization’s support email address enter your organization’s email address. If the domain name is not registered in the app, you can add that name in the Domain allow list to create the conversation in a new state; otherwise, it’s created in a suspended state.

    You can also specify a signature to append to outgoing emails from the support address.

    DevRev email integration with DMARC configuration

    When you have set the desired parameters, click Next.

  4. In Domain Connection select the connection that you created. You could create a connection here as well. Follow the steps given above to do the same. Then click Next.

    DevRev email integration with DMARC connection

  5. A forwarding email address is displayed. Configure your email provider to forward emails from your support email address to Whether it is Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, or any other email provider, this integration works.

Your inbox after DMARC integration#

Any email sent to your organization’s support email address would show up in Support > Inbox.

Reply to the email never having to leave this conversation. Meanwhile, the DevRev AI bot sends an automated reply, borrowing some time for response and requesting any additional information that may help in the customer’s inquiry.

DevRev conversation

The customer gets the reply without the Sent via DevRev message so that it appears to be sent from your organization’s support email address.

DevRev email response