by DevRev


Import or sync Jira projects for a seamless DevRev onboarding experience.



Jira Airdrop lets you track your work, no matter where it happens. Migrate your Jira issues and users for a seamless onboarding experience or keep your issues in sync, allowing you to leverage both systems.

How it works

Jira Airdrop offers various ways to import and sync issues and users from Jira. You can import a single project or as many as you want, you can keep a 1-way sync to DevRev or keep both systems in sync.


Recipe Mapping

With recipe mapping, you can be sure you won't miss out on the important Jira fields, even if they are custom. You choose what to migrate and let our reccomendations guide you on how best to migrate over your Jira projects.


The import option lets you migrate a Jira project for an easy 1-time bulk import. This option leverages recipe mapping, so you will bring over only what matters and leave the baggage behind.

Sync to DevRev

With Sync to DevRev, you can resync a previous import to pull in any new issues or changes to previously imported issues from a Jira project.

Sync to Jira

The Sync to Jira feature lets you write back changes made in DevRev to previously imported Jira projects. You can optionally also sync new work items created in DevRev to Jira.