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Hyperconverge your tech stack and empower teams to deliver unparalleled support with a modern AI-first platform


Powering support for the next generation of tech products

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Reduction in churn


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Manage tickets in a unified inbox

Streamline conversations from every channel into a single view

DevRev’s unified inbox automatically categorizes incoming tickets to make prioritization easier. Monitor ticket stages and ongoing conversations at a glance so you never miss an SLA.

Elevate support with AI insights

Resolve tickets more efficiently with AI-powered assistance

Turing AI identifies recurring patterns in support queries to suggest recommended next steps, similar tickets, and related articles so your agents are empowered to tackle every query


Respond faster with a GPT bot

Reduce agent workloads with AI-powered deflection


No more rigid chatbots with defined workflows. Make AI responses human-like with a RAG-powered chatbot that is intent-aware, drafts responses from internal and external sources, and gets better with every conversation.

Debug with your customers

Get the full context of customer queries with session recordings


View session recordings attached to every customer ticket so you can do RCA and troubleshoot more effectively. Instantly identify usability issues so you can proactively fix problems before a customer even logs a ticket.

Collaborate on L3/L4 tickets

Close the gap between your support, product, and development teams


Accelerate resolution times on L3/L4 tickets. Bidirectional syncs allow you to collaborate in real-time with PMs and developers to resolve customer issues without having to switch between apps.

Spot trends with Support 360

Monitor support health at a glance with real-time in-browser analytics


Gain actionable insights into customer experience and agent productivity with our intuitive analytics dashboard. Interactively filter, visualize, and drill into support metrics to reveal key trends.

Everything you need to deliver exceptional customer support - on one platform

  • GPT chatbot

  • Auto-creation of KB articles

  • No-code workflow builder

  • SLA tracking

  • CSAT tracking

  • Semantic search

  • Customer-facing nudges

  • Customer ticket portal

  • Product Assist tracker

  • And much more

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