DevRev Hackathon - Coding with AI

Use AI to code and automate Developer tasks

Project Gallery
  • OpenAI’s Codex

    To get the code from the demo and access to OpenAI's Codex head over to our Discord server (channel #hackathon0-coding-with-ai) and read the 'Pinned messages'.

    Using Codex is not mandatory

  • Prizes

    $10k Gold prize

    $7k Silver prize

    $5k Bronze prize

    $4k Best university submission

    $2k Best UX

    $2k Crowd favorite

  • What to build

    Build a solution that improves the everyday tasks of developers in the form of a VSCode extension.

    Some examples of features can include:

    • Auto debugging
    • Auto code generation/code completion
    • Unit test generation
    • Check in to repo, update/close issues, update Slack, email the team
    • Writing and updating documentation
    • Anything else you think would improve the developer workflow
  • What to submit

    • Description. Describe your project, its features, and how do they improve the developer workflow.
    • Demo video. Record and upload a demonstration video. The demo should be in English and less than 5 minutes long.
    • Github link. Provide the link to your open-source Github code repository.
  • Judges

    Navin Chaddha - Mayfield Fund

    Vinod Khosla - Khosla Ventures

    Manoj Agarwal - DevRev

    Violex Ming - DevRev

  • Judging criteria

    Completeness and Accuracy - Does the extension work? Does it accurately follow the instructions and convert to code and actions?

    User Experience - How easy is it to use the extension? Is using the extension an enjoyable experience for the developers?

    Creativity - How well have the resources been utilized? Did the team use other useful free resources? Did the team add additional useful features?

    Documentation - Does the team have thorough documentation of code, features and usage?

  • Rules

    You can apply as an individual or as a team (up to 4 participants)

    Competitors can use open source libraries but not proprietary code.

    To compete in Best university submission category, all participants from your team must be students.

    The full list of rules can be found here.