ReadingDebunking the Pitfalls of Using Freshdesk [Based on Real User Reviews]

Debunking the Pitfalls of Using Freshdesk [Based on Real User Reviews]


If you want a fresh pick of a customer support tool that helps you streamline your support processes with powerful automation, simple UI and UX, and advanced reporting - then you might want to look for something beyond Freshdesk.

There’s something that we can’t deny: When it comes to customer support software, Freshdesk is a top choice for customers. It boasts a wide range of features, including ticket management, automation, and reporting.

However, based on real user reviews from platforms such as G2 Crowd, Capterra, Reddit, and Quora, Freshdesk has its fair share of shortcomings. The users of the product find a lot of features to be far from fresh, and it does not fit every industry need. Today we’ll be decoding that for you!

Let’s dive into some of the most common pitfalls of using Freshdesk and why you might want to consider other options.

How fresh is Freshdesk? Decoding real user pain points#

1. Freshdesk's reporting: Don't let it be the soggy bottom of your support#

A common complaint about Freshdesk is that its reporting capabilities are mediocre. Many users have reported that the software lacks advanced analytics and doesn't provide detailed insights into customer behavior.


Source: G2crowd

If you're looking for a customer support solution that offers robust reporting capabilities, Freshdesk might not be the best fit for you.

Choosing a customer support platform with robust reporting is essential, and here’s why:

✔️It helps gaining customer insights: A thorough report helps you understand how customers interact with the support channels - the questions they frequently ask, what frustrates them, what delights them etc. This helps you identify sentiments and patterns in their behavior. This goldmine of data helps businesses make informed decisions to improve their customer experience

✔️It helps you to help agents: You can track key agent metrics like response time, resolution time, and customer satisfaction. This information helps you decode your support team’s performance so that you can help them out when the support metrics are suffering

✔️It provides transparency: You can help your organization gain visibility into customer support operations. This can help build trust with customers and provide valuable feedback to other teams within the organization.

Other software options on the market provide more advanced analytics and insights.

  1. The complex UI makes Freshdesk feel like mess desk#

Freshdesk? More like a stress desk for the customers when they’re trying to navigate through the messy interface.
Why should your customer support tool be simple to use, anyway?


Source: G2crowd

✔️It increases productivity: A simple and intuitive interface allows agents to find the information they need without any hassle and respond to customer inquiries without delays

✔️It reduces errors: A complex tool can overwhelm the support agents and cause confusion and errors, which can negatively impact the customer experience. A simple tool reduces the likelihood of mistakes

✔️It enhances customer delight: Customers hate to wait. They want to find answers quickly. A simple and efficient customer support tool can help customers receive the service they expect, appreciate, and deserve

While some users might not mind a complex UI/UX, it can be a significant drawback for others. If you're looking for a customer support solution that is intuitive and easy to use, Freshdesk might not be the best fit for you.

Some users have reported poor customer support from Freshdesk. A user on G2 Crowd wrote, "The customer support is terrible. It takes forever to get a response, and when you do, it's not very helpful." Other reviewers have noted that Freshdesk's support team is slow to respond and often unhelpful.


Source: Trustradius

Some reviewers have noted that the software can be difficult to navigate, especially for new users.

If you're looking for a customer support solution with reliable and helpful customer support, Freshdesk might not be the best fit for you.

  1. Freshdesk is not developer-friendly: More bumps in the code road#

There are a lot of murmurs on review forums about how Freshdesk’s integration is cluttered. Not just that, the platform does not bring together the key stakeholders (developers, product managers, support, and customers) to be able to build beautiful products and deliver customer delight.


Source: Softwareadvice

Is there a tool that brings a 360-degree view for developers, support agents, and customers?

Meet DevRev, the OneCRM

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✔️OneCRM for Customer Support and Software Development

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✔️Automate first-line support

✔️Shrink resolution times from days to minutes

✔️ Automate product insight from customer interactions

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✔️Get a direct line to your customers and build better products

Wrapping up#

While Freshdesk offers a wide range of features and capabilities, it's not the perfect fit for everyone. Based on real user reviews, some of the most common pitfalls of using Freshdesk include too many features, mediocre reporting, complex UI/UX, basic automation, and poor customer support.

One of the most common complaints about Freshdesk is that it has too many features, making it overwhelming for users. Some reviewers have noted that the software feels bloated and difficult to navigate. This sentiment is echoed in a review on G2 Crowd, where a user wrote, "The interface is cluttered, and it's difficult to find what you're looking for. It's like they tried to pack too much into one platform."

If you're looking for a simple and streamlined customer support solution, Freshdesk might not be the best fit for you. However, there are a lot of tools to consider that are good alternatives to Freshdesk.