The Top 20 AI Chatbots Your Business Needs to Consider Today

Venkatesan Gopal

AI Chatbots aren’t a novel idea. They’ve been around for a while now and they’ve changed the way we do things. Imagine having the power to create stimulating customer conversations, analyze data, and automate tasks of varying complexities without the fear of missing out.

That’s exactly why businesses need chatbots. From revolutionizing the first-time website experience and addressing every query to lead qualification, they can do it all. 

But with all the moving parts and intricacies, AI chatbots have somewhat become an enigma.

So before we get into the details, let’s take a step back.

What is an AI chatbot?#

By definition, an AI chatbot is a functional computer program that harnesses the power of AI to mimic human interaction, automate responses to queries, redirect users to relevant information, and execute context-driven actions.

AI chatbots perform this with the help of new advancements, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), predictive analytics, and Natural Language Processes (NLP). 

Chatbots today can complete simple tasks, redirect visitors to relevant information, interpret data, and even make smart forecasts and recommendations, but much of this ability comes from the strength of the AI component and the amount of data fed into it.

The Inherent Advantages Of AI chatbots#

AI chatbots can have a transformational effect on many aspects of business. Even more so for brands looking to capture leads, resolve customer queries, and control the volume of query traffic. With this in mind, here are some of how AI chatbots build competitive advantage. 

Context-driven conversations: Great chatbots can stimulate context-driven conversations that directly point customers toward quick query resolution. 

Reduced wait times: Chatbots can recognize keywords within customer queries and provide visitors with specific answers which helps drastically reduce wait times. 

Personalization: AI chatbots can be programmed to retain key information on customer profiles and alert live agents when priority customers need more attention. 

Intelligent routing: AI chatbots don’t always have all the answers. When a chatbot cannot understand or fulfill a certain type of query, they can be trained to re-route queries to experts in real-time.

Behavioral customer data: Customer interactions generate a wealth of data. Chatbots can identify the quickest paths to resolving common queries while learning about behavior and customer preferences.

Now that we have the initiation out of the way, let’s look at 20 of the best AI chatbots in the market today that your business should seriously consider.  

The Top 20 AI Chatbots On Our Radar#



Known for its extensive support capabilities, Intercom is an excellent solution for companies looking to create impactful conversations via a messenger. With a varied set of capabilities, such as live chat, automation, and chatbot, Intercom can swiftly engage with visitors and point them toward helpful resources and expertise. 

Watson Assistant#

Designed by IBM, one forerunner in AI tech, it is no surprise that Watson Assistant is one of the most advanced AI chatbots available today. It has found applications across platforms—mobile apps, customer success modules, websites, and more. It can perform an advanced set of tasks, such as analyzing conversations to understand preferences, seamlessly answer queries, and even make smart recommendations.


Chatbots and lead qualification are a match made in heaven. Drift is a pioneer in the conversational marketing and sales space. Drift claims that its training module has over 6 billion sales and marketing conversations worth of data under the hood, which is immense. This means that machine learning has already done most of the heavy lifting. Talk about starting strongly!


Activechat.ai is an AI platform that helps organizations build chatbots specialized in conversational marketing. Not only does it have a self-serve module, but the platform helps connect different frameworks aimed at improving customer touchpoints, relationship building, and increasing conversions within a single interface experience. 

Hubspot Chatbot Builder#

Technically, this isn’t really an AI chatbot but the Hubspot Chatbot Builder works in close conjecture with its masterfully designed CRM system. What Hubspot really gets right is the ability to implement scalable conversations and collect crucial feedback and preference information that gets automatically fed into the CRM interface. 


With the sole focus of driving great customer service, Chatbot is a splendid solution for businesses looking to streamline and automate customer communication. Positioned as a no-code chatbot builder, Chatbot prides itself on ease of use while allowing users the ability to build a complete chatbot experience either from scratch or with pre-built customizable templates. 


Infobip is an AI-powered chatbot builder that helps users build smart virtual assistants that automate and simplify processes within customer support and sales. It is especially intuitive in enabling lead generation, up-selling, and cross-selling. What makes Infobip stand out is its ability to identify intent and drive better conversations across channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Live chat, and more.


DevRev is probably one of the unique entries in this list. The platform isn’t a typical customer support chatbot but essentially taps into the concept of engaging customers from the product angle. It essentially acts as a combination of an AI-driven product support channel and a collaboration platform that brings customer interactions and product workflows together. The platform is a superb choice for companies looking to grow customer relationships while building and supporting great products.

Read more about DevRev here


DialogFlow is a chatbot designed by Google. It helps build conversational experiences across platforms such as websites, instant messaging apps, and mobile apps while supporting audio, text, and video formats. As a brainchild of Google, it integrates seamlessly with Google Assistant. 


An intriguing entry in this list, Bold360 is a chatbot builder that helps companies build intuitive chatbots that do not require keyword matching. The patented NLP system helps users deliver engaging experiences while mimicking natural language and delivering results with stellar accuracy. It also allows users to build their own chatbot personality, giving the users of this solution an additional way to experience a unique brand touch.

Zendesk Chat#

Zendesk Chat is developed by a well-known SaaS provider that dominates in the sales, customer support, and customer communications space. Zendesk Chat is a powerful chatbot building platform backed by industry-defining technologies in Flow Builders and Answer Bot that helps users build focused conversation trees across channels without intensive coding. 


Tidio is one of the best chatbot builders for small to medium businesses looking to take their customer support and overall shopping experience to the next level. With an incredibly visual and easy-to-use builder, Tidio assists companies to build an expansive chatbot experience without having to worry about losing out on sales. 


Ada is an AI-fuelled virtual customer service chatbot that stands out for how customizable it is to the brand’s customer experience. The ‘questions’ section details some of the most frequently asked questions that users can tweak based on how they want the chatbot to respond. Users can also leverage the chatbot’s inherent ability to react when queries are not part of the programmed logic tree. Ada can also provide extended support to help extend the chatbot’s capabilities to perform sophisticated tasks. 


FreshChat is yet another easy-to-use live-chat platform and chatbot builder that takes us down the low-code/no-code approach. FreshChat aims at converging crucial customer message delivery and allows companies to target customers through some of the most commonly used channels such as websites, mobile apps, and messages among many others, all powered by a strong AI engine.


ManyChat is a chatbot only aimed at small and medium businesses. It does a great job of simplifying customer support for e-commerce companies on Facebook Messenger. With a powerful conversational engine, ManyChat can prove the perfect solution for companies looking to engage their customers, gather leads, drive sales, and reel in prospects through a stimulating chatbot experience.


Instagram and Facebook have become increasingly popular over the last few years. As more and more small businesses take to these channels to increase their growth and following, it’s important that they can reach potential customers sufficiently. Chatfuel helps with this aspect precisely. Its intuitive no-code approach helps build chatbots that drive engagement while being incredibly affordable. 


Boost.ai is one of the best chatbots in the sales space. While focused on larger companies and enterprises with the seamless ability to accommodate larger website and customer support traffic and queries. Boost.ai also has specialized solutions for multiple verticals, such as BFSI, telecommunications, and e-commerce, among many others. 


Mobile optimization has become an increasingly important aspect of marketing. Since most customers do their shopping on mobile apps or mobile optimized websites, engaging customers with this idea in mind can prove profitable. Tars is an AI-powered chatbot that specializes in lead generation and sales from these very avenues. It comes with an amazing set of features such as customer response automation and the Tars dashboard that helps view conversational data.   


Botsify is a chatbot builder that helps organizations boost engagement across multiple customer touchpoints and channels. Botsify is highly customizable and also allows for a more comprehensive interaction by allowing users to seamlessly shift between AI and human live chat experiences as required. It has applications across four key functions—sales, marketing, customer support, and prospect query management.

Flow XO#

FlowXO is a chatbot builder that gives users complete control over the way they build chatbots. It allows users to build custom workflows and create training modules based on individual requirements. Users can also use pre-built customizable templates to help reduce ramp times and deployment.

Closing Thoughts#

AI has penetrated multiple facets of business and daily life. And as brands look to strike customer conversations while they’re hot, AI chatbots are proving to be instrumental tools in this endeavor. While we fill the market with many brilliant solutions, we believe the 20 we’ve chosen are not only great options but stand out as solutions that truly add competitive advantage. Of course, there is no set formula to choose, since every business operates differently. And so we leave that choice to you.

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