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Zendesk review


About Zendesk

Zendesk is a customer support platform that centralizes interactions, inquiries, and issue resolutions for businesses. Its omnichannel approach ensures seamless communication across various channels, enabling personalized interactions and streamlined operations. With a suite of tools, Zendesk caters to businesses of all sizes, offering solutions for diverse use cases.

Notably, its free trial allows users to explore its features before committing, with major clients including Uber, Shopify, and Slack. With over 150,000 customers worldwide, Zendesk stands as a reliable choice for enhancing customer experiences.

Top features of Zendesk

  • Ticketing system: Zendesk’s ticketing system organizes customer inquiries and issues into manageable tickets, facilitating efficient tracking and resolution workflows.
  • Live chat: With live chat functionality, Zendesk enables real-time communication between businesses and customers, fostering instant support and engagement.
  • Custom views: Users can tailor their Zendesk interface with custom views, ensuring personalized workflows and efficient access to relevant information.
  • Live online training: Zendesk offers live online training sessions, empowering users to maximize their platform utilization through interactive and comprehensive learning experiences.
  • Coding-less customization: Simplifying customization processes, Zendesk allows users to personalize their support environment without requiring extensive coding knowledge, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.
  • 1200+ prebuilt apps and integrations: With an extensive library of prebuilt apps and integrations, Zendesk enhances its functionality and versatility, enabling seamless integration with various tools and platforms.
  • Report creation: Zendesk’s report creation feature enables users to generate comprehensive reports and analytics, providing valuable insights into support performance and customer interactions.
  • Advanced data security: Zendesk prioritizes data security, implementing advanced security measures to safeguard sensitive information, ensuring compliance and peace of mind for users and their customers.

Pros of Zendesk

  • User-friendly interface: Zendesk’s intuitive interface simplifies task management and ticket handling, ensuring efficient customer service delivery
  • Robust ticketing capabilities: Zendesk offers powerful ticketing features, making it a valuable CRM tool despite its premium pricing, outperforming competitors
  • Premade templates for FAQ: The availability of premade templates streamlines FAQ development, eliminating the need for separate engineering efforts and enhancing efficiency
  • Custom automated responses: Zendesk’s automated response feature reduces administrative overhead by updating tickets based on predefined criteria, providing clients with prompt acknowledgment of their requests
  • Ease of use: Zendesk’s straightforward usability enhances user experience, making it easy for teams to navigate and utilize its features effectively
  • Easy implementation and reliability: Zendesk’s seamless implementation process and reliability make it a dependable choice for businesses, ensuring smooth operations and support delivery

Cons of Zendesk

  • Poor technical support: Zendesk’s technical support is lacking, making it difficult to get assistance when needed, despite infrequent requirements
  • High data usage requirement: Zendesk requires substantial connectivity and data usage, potentially posing challenges for users with limited data resources
  • Limited business rule functionality: The inability to use both AND and OR functions within a single business rule restricts flexibility and complexity in rule creation, impacting workflow customization
  • Subpar speech-to-text for calls: Zendesk’s speech-to-text feature for calls could be improved, potentially hindering communication quality and efficiency
  • Lack of personalized training: Zendesk lacks personalized training options, potentially impeding users’ ability to fully leverage its features and capabilities
  • Complex customization settings: Basic settings in Zendesk are overly complex and scattered, requiring extensive time and effort to navigate and understand, potentially leading to frustration and inefficiency in customization processes

Zendesk pricing

Support Team $25 per agent/monthSupport Professional $69 per agent/monthSupport Enterprise $149 per agent/month
Top features Ticketing system Social media integration Business rules Reporting & analytics And moreTop features Features of “Support Team” + Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Service Level Agreement (SLA) Multilingual support And more…Top features Features of “Support Professional”+ Advanced data privacy Skill based routing Custom agent roles Contextual workspaces And more…

Best Zendesk alternative - DevRev

DevRev offers a cutting-edge customer service software solution, providing a powerful and innovative alternative to the limitations often encountered with Zendesk. Tailored to businesses of all sizes, DevRev is scalable, evolving seamlessly alongside organizational growth.

Unlike Zendesk, DevRev provides responsive and proactive customer support, ensuring timely assistance when needed. Its user-friendly interface requires no external training for support agents, promoting quick adoption and streamlined workflows. Moreover, DevRev offers extensive customization options, allowing businesses to tailor the platform to their specific needs.

From fundamental ticketing features to cutting-edge AI capabilities, DevRev encompasses a comprehensive suite of functionalities to optimize customer support operations.

Features of DevRev

FeatureDevRev (4.5/5)Zendesk (4.3/5)
API IntegrationLimited
Ticket Visa
Live ChatAdd-on
Smart Clustering
Product hierarchy visualization
CSATOnly in costlier plans
SLAsOnly in costlier plans
Advanced data privacyOnly in costlier plans
Onboarding assistanceSatisfactoryNot satisfactory

Here's a list of DevRev's flexible pricing options tailored for teams of all sizes, designed to enhance your customer service capabilities efficiently and cost-effectively.

DevRev Pricing

$19.98 per user/month Explore features$59.98 per user/month Explore featuresContact Sales

Bringing it all together: Zendesk review

Zendesk stands as a leading customer support platform, offering businesses a versatile suite of tools to manage and improve customer experiences. With its user-friendly interface, ticketing system, and extensive integrations, Zendesk empowers companies of all sizes to streamline support operations and engage with customers across various channels.

Despite some limitations, such as technical support challenges and complex customization settings, Zendesk’s transparent pricing options and widespread adoption among major businesses underscore its reliability and effectiveness.

As businesses strive to prioritize customer satisfaction and efficiency, Zendesk remains a compelling choice for enhancing support processes and fostering lasting customer relationships.