ReadingThe birth of a new platform for PLG companies

The birth of a new platform for PLG companies

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Creation takes time. But it also takes energy, vision, and sometimes conflict, sacrifices, and constant experiments every step of the way.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Creation takes time. But it also takes energy, vision, and sometimes conflict, sacrifices, and constant experiments every step of the way. In this process of building brick by brick, it is often the milestones that help us pull back and reflect on how far we have come and how much farther we have to go.

Today is one of those milestones.

Today we are announcing the General Availability of DevRev, the world’s first DevCRM. In addition, we are also announcing the first app on the platform: product-led support aimed at a new breed of product-led companies looking to support their customers with code, and automation and looking to bring their customers and customer support engineers closer to their developers.

Product-led support

A new breed of companies is leading the way in supporting their customers by tying customer interactions with product features and creating bespoke workflows that smartly detect issues even before users are aware of them and proactively fix them. This requires stitching systems like live chat widgets, customer identity, a support ticketing system, and a backend work management tool like Jira.

With DevRev’s product-led support, companies can now connect customer conversations with a ticketing and Knowledge-based platform with an integrated issues management workflow connected to the product features. All of this with real-time multiplayer collaboration and connections to other apps that companies currently use like Jira, Slack, and GitHub.

Let’s take a look

PLS features:

Here are some of the things you can take advantage of right away by signing up for free on DevRev:
PLuG Conversation widget:

With a few lines of code, Install an in-app conversation widget that opens up real-time communication with your customers. We call this the PLuG widget.


Realtime updates for your users: Keep your users always in the loop, with real-time status of their tickets, through the PLuG widget integrated with the PLuG Inbox.


Knowledge-based articles and their management: Along with adding and managing KB articles by DevOrg, users now have the ability to search them through PLuG widget.

Never miss your messages: Whether your customers are chatting with you on PLuG or responding to your email, you can now stay notified 24x7.

Convergence of Conversations, Tickets, and Issues:
Track all your customer requests from within the conversations with a ticket. Connect and track developer work by connecting tickets with issues. Watch bi-directional updates flow through the system for effective customer-centricity.


Real-time, social collaboration with the entire team: With Slack-like features, work with your colleagues as if they are sitting right next to you.


Work management with Vistas:
Create views of your team’s work and share them with others. We call it Vistas.


Integration with your favorite apps: Integrate your favorite apps like Github, Bitbucket, Jira, Slack, Linear, and many more.

Interact with DevRev from Slack: Never leave your customers in the dark! Create DevRev tickets and keep customers up to date without ever leaving Slack. Create DevRev tickets or issues from Slack conversations and stay up to date as the status of the work items change.


Automatic GitHub Updates: Put your work in autopilot with Github and DevRev and make updates in real-time, and make your developer free from doing status updates.

Product System of Record with Trails:
Connect your code from your repository (Github, Bitbucket, etc.) and map them to features used by your customers and connect to issues and tickets. This is the true essence of product-centricity.


These are only some of the features we are releasing today.

Sign up for free here and hit the PLuG icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to chat with us.

We have just started our journey of a thousand miles and we hope you join us as we build the first operating system for PLG companies.