How DevRev helps you resolve customer issues faster with PLuG User Observability

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How DevRev helps you resolve customer issues faster with PLuG User Observability

The ability to decode customer behavior and motivations is not just important—it's essential.

It provides businesses with a clear understanding of user journeys, enabling them to align with what users truly need and creating a seamless connection between business offerings and user expectations.

By diving deep into the whys and hows of customer interactions and user complaints, support teams can resolve issues promptly with first-hand evidence, elevating the standard of customer care to new heights.

To achieve this, it's essential to gather feedback from a variety of channels, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of customer needs and expectations.

This includes interactions through social media, app stores, community forums, and direct communication. By incorporating this feedback into the system as the customer's voice, businesses can identify essential insights and signals to enhance product development and customer service.

Additionally, focusing on three main areas—user sessions, product usage, and customer experience—is essential for businesses committed to delivering outstanding customer support.

Understanding and improving customer interactions in these areas is key to success.

What does User Observability mean?

User observability allows you to monitor and analyze every aspect of your customers' online journey. This enables you to easily understand how users are interacting with your website or app.

It focuses on collecting data about user interactions within a mobile app or your website to understand their behavior and optimize the user experience (UX). This data can be collected through various methods:

  • In-app analytics: Tracks user actions within the app, such as button clicks, screen views, and feature usage.
  • Session recordings: Captures a visual playback of user journeys, revealing how users navigate the app and interact with elements.
  • Heatmaps: Visually represent user attention on different app screens, highlighting areas with high user interaction or potential confusion.
  • Crash reports: Automatically capture and report crashes encountered by users, helping identify bugs and stability issues.
  • User feedback: Gathers direct user input through surveys, reviews, or in-app feedback mechanisms.

How can DevRev help you resolve issues faster with user observability?

By analyzing user behavior patterns and session recordings, DevRev can help you identify potential problems before they cause widespread user frustration. This allows you to address issues proactively, minimizing their impact.

Here are some general best practices to consider:

Proactively identify app issues with session replay

A user session relates to the acts individuals perform within an app or on a website for a specified time frame, beginning when the user visits a website or opens a mobile app and ending when they leave or close the app. All actions performed by users like clicks, scrolls, taps, gestures, and navigation between pages during this time are continually recorded.

If users experience issues such as app crashes, UI freezes, or rage taps during their session, with the observability PLuG feature developers can reproduce all actions taken by the customer on their device. This helps developers to understand frontend issues as they occur and to solve them quickly. By identifying the exact cause of customer frustration, developers can fix the issues more quickly and be proactive in development rather than spend time debugging.

Never keep ticket pending for screenshots

Customer support teams often struggle to grasp the issues users encounter on their devices due to a lack of visibility. This typically requires them to request screenshots to understand the problem. However, with observability, they can now directly link specific issues to individual users via their user IDs. This capability allows support teams to swiftly identify which users are facing which problems. Moreover, it enables them to escalate significant issues directly to the technical teams, thereby significantly reducing ticket resolution times. With observability, customer support processes become more efficient and streamlined, leading to improved user satisfaction and quicker issue resolution.

Understand the “why?” behind the drop offs

Identifying the root causes of user drop-offs can be a major challenge for product teams. Conventional analytical tools fall short by merely presenting surface-level data, like the total count of drop-offs, without delving into the deeper reasons behind these behaviors. However with observability, product teams and dev can drill down to identify specific technical reasons such as crashes, dead clicks, and errors causing the majority of drop-offs. Additionally, it enables monitoring of user effort during conversion journeys, provides answers to why users are dropping off, tracks completion time, screens navigated before conversion, and ensures the health of critical conversion journeys. This comprehensive approach empowers product teams to make informed decisions and optimize user experiences effectively.

Monitor overall UX health of your app

The recorded user sessions are categorized into frustrated and tolerable sessions based on the errors encountered throughout the customer's entire journey, providing businesses with a consolidated dashboard.

It tracks key experience metrics across mobile apps and websites, providing insights into user journeys, typical paths, touchpoints, and navigation patterns. This data empowers product teams to optimize flows and enhance overall user experiences.

To detect performance issues, the platform also analyzes how users interact with app features and continues to monitor latency, load times, and app responsiveness, leveraging these data sets to inform the development team of the app to improve usability.

Stop guessing, start seeing with DevRev's PLuG User Observability

With PLuG User Observability, your team can finally see how users navigate your product, empowering them to build exceptional customer experiences.

Forget piecing together user behavior from fragmented data. DevRev's PLuG User Observability is your front-row seat to every user journey. The platform goes beyond basic tracking, revealing a treasure trove of user interaction data.

By providing detailed session replays, funnel analytics, and heatmaps, PLuG helps teams understand exactly how users interact with their products. This allows for proactive identification of pain points and opportunities for improvement, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience.

Key features of PLuG user observability

  1. Session replays

Struggling to diagnose user issues effectively? Ditch the guessing game and get straight to the source with session replay. This powerful tool lets you replay user sessions in their entirety, revealing their exact clicks, taps, and interactions.

This translates to faster, more accurate troubleshooting. No more relying on incomplete reports or frustrating back-and-forth exchanges. Session replay equips you with the concrete evidence needed to pinpoint issues quickly and efficiently.

2. Funnel analytics

Low conversion rates got you down? Uncover the "why" behind user behavior with user journey analysis. This approach lets you map out the steps users take, pinpointing exactly where drop-offs occur.

With this valuable data, you gain a deeper understanding of user needs and frustrations. This empowers teams to make data-driven decisions for optimizing your conversion funnel and boosting those conversion rates.

3. Heatmaps

Ever wondered which parts of your product users are drawn to? Heatmaps take the guesswork out of UI design. This visualization tool reveals which areas receive the most clicks, taps, and scrolls.

This data becomes your secret weapon for validating design decisions. You can see what works (and what doesn't) with real user interaction. By focusing on areas of high engagement, you can refine your UI to keep users engaged and interacting with your product more effectively.

4. Privacy controls

DevRev's PLuG prioritizes user privacy with granular controls. Sensitive data masking ensures Personally Identifiable Information (PII) remains anonymized within recordings. Additionally, selective recording allows capture to focus on specific user interactions relevant for analysis. This empowers in-depth user journey analysis while adhering to privacy regulations. PLuG empowers you to gain valuable behavioral insights without compromising user trust.

Get started with DevRev’s PLuG User Observability

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