Reading9 Customer service email management software for 2024

9 Customer service email management software for 2024


Are you looking for a way to streamline your customer service emails in 2024? Managing customer inquiries efficiently is necessary for any business, especially in the B2B sector where timely and professional responses can make a significant difference in maintaining strong relationships.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to 9 customer service email management software options that are designed to help your business handle emails more effectively. From automating responses to organising incoming messages, these tools are tailored to meet the evolving needs of B2B operations.

What is customer service email management software?

Customer service email management software is designed to streamline how businesses manage their email communications with customers. Think of it as a digital organizer that sorts, tracks, and oversees all your customer emails in one centralised place. This software can automatically categorize emails, assign them based on urgency, and even suggest or automate responses to speed up reply times.

It transforms your inbox into an efficient command center, ensuring every customer query is addressed promptly. For B2B companies, where maintaining professional and timely communication is important for strong relationships, this software is key to smooth operations and heightened customer satisfaction.

Some of the important features of the customer service email management software:

  • Automation: Automatically sorts and replies to emails
  • Categorisation: Organizes emails by topic or urgency
  • Tracking: Monitors responses and follow-ups
  • Integration: Works with other business tools
  • Analytics: Provides insights on customer interactions
  • Customisation: Tailors responses and workflows
  • Scalability: Grows with your business needs
  • Security: Protects sensitive information
  • Collaboration: Allows team members to share tasks
  • Accessibility: Accessible from anywhere, anytime


Starting Price$19.98/Month
Free Trial45 Days
Key FeaturesIntelligent email routing, email template library, email performance analytics

About DevRev

DevRev brings a fresh approach to handling customer service emails, making it easier for businesses to stay connected with their customers. It’s designed with simplicity in mind, allowing you to easily manage your customer emails and use the feedback to help your product team understand what users really need.

With DevRev, the focus is on making sure that every email from a customer can help improve your product. It’s not just about keeping your inbox organized; it’s about building a closer relationship with your customers by really listening to what they have to say. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a growing company, DevRev grows with you, ensuring that you can always meet your customers’ needs without feeling swamped.

  • Automated follow-ups: Set up automated follow-up sequences to ensure no customer query goes unanswered and to nurture customer relationships effectively.
  • Collaborative inbox: Enable multiple team members to access and collaborate on incoming customer emails in real-time, promoting teamwork and efficient issue resolution.
  • Performance metrics dashboard: Track key performance metrics such as response times, resolution rates, and customer satisfaction scores to evaluate and improve email management strategies.
  • Integration with CRM systems: Seamlessly integrate with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to provide a holistic view of customer interactions and enhance personalised responses.
  • Tagging and categorization: Tag and categorize incoming emails based on priority, type of query, or customer segment to prioritise and manage email queues effectively.
  • Customizable automation: Set up customizable automation rules to streamline repetitive tasks, such as assigning emails, sending acknowledgments, or escalating urgent issues, saving time and improving efficiency.
  • Sentiment analysis: DevRev employs sentiment analysis tools to automatically analyze the tone and sentiment of incoming customer emails. This feature helps customer service teams prioritize and address emotionally charged or urgent messages promptly, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • SLA management: Teams can set response time targets for different types of customer inquiries with DevRev’s SLA (Service Level Agreement) management capabilities. By monitoring and adhering to SLAs, organizations can ensure consistent and timely responses, optimize team performance, and meet customer expectations effectively.
  • Knowledge base integration: Integrates with knowledge base platforms, allowing customer service representatives to access relevant articles, guides, and resources directly within the email management interface.

Help Scout

Starting price$20/month
Free trial15 days
Key featuresShared inbox, Reporting analytics, Knowledge base

About Help Scout

Offering a solution that’s both powerful and easy to use, Help Scout is a trusted name when it comes to customer; service email management. It’s built to help businesses handle their customer emails efficiently, ensuring that no query goes unnoticed.

What sets Help Scout apart is its focus on providing a personalized customer experience. Even though you’re managing emails at scale, each reply can be tailored to feel as if it’s been crafted individually. It’s a complete solution that adapts to the changing needs of customer support. If Help Scout doesn’t match your business requirements, exploring Help Scout alternatives is a good idea.


  • User-friendly interface makes navigation and management straightforward
  • Integrates well with other tools and platforms for a seamless workflow
  • Offers robust reporting and analytics features to track customer service performance


  • Can be pricey for small businesses with limited budgets
  • Some users may find the customization options limited
  • Advanced features may require a learning curve for new users


Starting price$55/month
Free trial15 days
Key featuresDetailed analytics, Centralized communication, Streamlined list management

About Zendesk

Zendesk is a popular choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive and AI-powered approach to customer service email management. It offers a user-friendly interface that streamlines email ticketing, allowing your team to efficiently convert emails into actionable requests.

Zendesk goes beyond basic functionalities by incorporating artificial intelligence to help prioritize tickets, suggest knowledge base articles for self-service, and even automate routine replies. This not only improves agent productivity but also empowers customers to find solutions independently, enhancing the overall customer experience.


  • User-friendly interface for efficient email ticketing
  • AI-powered features for prioritizing tickets and suggesting solutions
  • Improves agent productivity and empowers customers for better experience


  • May have a steeper learning curve for complex functionalities
  • Pricing plans can be expensive for smaller businesses
  • Reliance on AI might require human oversight for accuracy


Starting price$15/month
Free trial14 days

About ContactMonkey

If you’re looking for a more user-friendly and cost-effective alternative to Zendesk for customer service email management, consider ContactMonkey. It integrates seamlessly with Gmail or Outlook, eliminating the need to switch between platforms.

ContactMonkey boasts robust analytics to track email engagement and optimize campaigns. It also offers features specifically designed for internal communication, like employee Net Promoter Score tracking and AI-powered chatbot integration, making it a well-rounded option for businesses seeking a customer service and internal communication solution in one.


  • Provide real-time data on email opens, clicks, and replies, allowing you to gauge customer engagement and optimize your outreach efforts
  • Allows for email personalization with features like merge tags
  • Potentially more affordable option compared to other alternatives


  • May lack the advanced functionalities for complex email workflows
  • Limited customization options compared to more robust platforms
  • Reliant on user’s existing email provider (Gmail/Outlook) for functionality.

SalesForce Service Cloud

Starting price$25/month
Free trial14 days
Key featuresAutomated routing, Pre-built email templates, Data management

About SalesForce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud acts as a central hub for managing customer service emails. It streamlines the process by allowing agents to see all customer interactions, including email threads, in one place. This consolidated view provides context for each inquiry, enabling agents to respond faster and more efficiently.

Beyond streamlining workflows, Salesforce Service Cloud empowers agents to personalize their email interactions. By leveraging the rich customer data stored within Salesforce, agents can craft targeted responses that address specific customer needs and preferences. This personalized approach fosters stronger customer relationships and can even lead to increased customer satisfaction scores.


  • Manage all customer emails in one place for faster response and better context
  • Automate tasks like routing emails and generating templates to boost agent efficiency
  • Gain a complete picture of each customer with all interaction history, leading to personalized service


  • New agents may require training to leverage all the features effectively
  • Can be expensive for smaller businesses, with subscription fees increasing for larger teams
  • Free trial has limitations, and the full range of features comes at a cost.

ProProfs Help Desk

Starting price$20/month
Free trial15 days
Key featuresEasy-to-use interface, Rich content and customization, Detailed analytics & reporting

About ProProfs

ProProfs Help Desk offers a robust solution for managing customer service emails. It functions as a centralized inbox, consolidating all email inquiries from various sources into a single platform. This streamlines workflows for your support team, allowing them to prioritize, assign, and track email conversations efficiently. ProProfs Help Desk goes beyond basic ticketing. It empowers agents with features like canned responses and collaboration tools, enabling them to resolve customer issues swiftly and deliver exceptional service.


  • Known for user-friendly interface and offers tiered plans to fit various budget needs
  • Create engaging quizzes with multimedia, and for Knowledge Base, build a robust self-service portal with diverse content options
  • Access and manage quizzes or your Knowledge Base conveniently on the go from any mobile device


  • Free plans have restricted features, requiring upgrades to unlock full potential
  • While offering some customization, options may be limited compared to more advanced platforms
  • While suitable for smaller teams, ProProfs might not scale as effectively for very large organizations.


Starting price$699/annual
Free trial14 days
Key featuresAutomated workflows, Unified inbox, Knowledge base

About HelpSpot

HelpSpot tackles customer service email management with a focus on efficiency and empowerment. It streamlines workflows by automating repetitive tasks like routing emails and assigning tickets. This frees up your agents to delve into complex issues and provide faster solutions. HelpSpot goes beyond just emails. It acts as a unified hub for managing all customer interactions, including chat and social media inquiries, giving your team a complete picture of each customer’s needs. This fosters collaboration and ensures every touchpoint is seamless and efficient.


  • Automates tasks like routing & ticket assignment, boosting agent productivity.
  • Empowers customers to find answers independently, reducing support workload and improving satisfaction.
  • Provides valuable insights into team performance and customer behavior for data-driven decision-making.


  • May not be ideal for very large organizations due to potential limitations in handling massive volumes of inquiries.
  • While secure, some users mention concerns around data security, especially for highly sensitive information.
  • Relies solely on paid subscriptions, making it less accessible for budget-conscious teams.


Starting price$18/month
Free trial14 days
Key featuresCollision detection, custom reporting, Automation

About Freshdesk

Freshdesk makes customer service email management a breeze. It offers a forever-free plan, perfect for startups or small teams. This free plan allows for unlimited agents and includes core functionalities like a ticketing system, a knowledge base, and email support. This empowers you to streamline workflows, centralize communication, and resolve customer inquiries efficiently.

With Freshdesk, you can tailor your customer service email management to your specific needs and budget, ensuring a positive experience for both your agents and customers.


  • Ideal for startups and small teams, with unlimited agents and core functionalities
  • Paid plans offer advanced features like automation and reporting for growing businesses
  • Integrates with various channels (phone, chat, social media) so you can manage all customer interactions within a unified platform


  • Customization may be less extensive compared to some competitors
  • The free plan offers basic reporting, and advanced reporting features are locked behind paid subscriptions
  • While the basic interface is easy to grasp, some advanced functionalities in paid plans might require a learning curve for new users

HubSpot Service Hub

Starting price$45/month
Free trial14 days
Key featuresTicketing system & automation, Customer feedback & reporting, Knowledge base

About HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub takes a centralized approach to customer service email management. It offers a free tier that’s perfect for startups or small teams, allowing them to manage emails, create a knowledge base, and utilize basic automation tools – all within a shared inbox for seamless collaboration. This streamlines workflows and ensures all customer interactions are easily accessible.

As your business grows, HubSpot Service Hub scales with you. Paid plans offer advanced features like live chat, in-depth reporting, and automation workflows. HubSpot Service Hub empowers you to deliver exceptional customer service while gaining valuable insights to optimize your entire support strategy.


  • Gathers valuable feedback with surveys and offers reporting tools to analyze customer behavior and optimize service
  • Grows with your business, offering advanced features like live chat, reporting, and automation workflows in paid tiers
  • Integrates seamlessly with HubSpot’s CRM system providing a unified view of customer data and interactions


  • Free tier lacks advanced functionalities like live chat and in-depth reporting
  • Advanced automation and reporting in paid plans might require a learning curve for new users
  • Paid plans can be expensive for larger teams, with subscription fees increasing based on user count.


Starting price$15/month
Free trial7 days
Key featuresCanned responses, Team collaboration, Shared inbox

About Hiver

Say goodbye to cluttered mess of individual inboxes! Hiver streamlines customer service email management with a collaborative approach. It replaces individual inboxes with a shared workspace, allowing your team to work together on emails and ensure no inquiry falls through the cracks. Hiver empowers your team’s efficiency with features like canned responses and email tagging, streamlining workflows and enabling faster response times to customer inquiries. This collaborative approach, along with basic reporting for performance insights, makes Hiver a strong contender for managing customer service email communication within your team.


  • Replaces individual inboxes with a central workspace for seamless teamwork, ensuring no email gets missed
  • Features like canned responses and email tagging streamline workflows, enabling faster response times to customer inquiries
  • Known for its intuitive design, making it easy for teams with varying technical skills to navigate and utilize the platform effectively


  • While offering some automation features in higher tiers, it might not be as robust as dedicated marketing automation tools.
  • No free plan, only a 7-day free trial to explore features before committing to a paid subscription.
  • Paid plans start at $15 per user per month, which might add up for larger teams.

Choosing the right customer service email management software

Choosing the right customer service email management software doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By considering your team size, budget, and specific needs, you can find the perfect fit among the vast array of email management tools available.

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Focus on core functionalities: Do you need a basic shared inbox for streamlined collaboration, or do you require advanced features like automation and in-depth reporting?
  • Scalability: Consider your growth plans. Will the software adapt as your team expands?
  • Security: Ensure the platform prioritizes data security, especially if you handle sensitive customer information.

Many customer service email management software options offer free trials or freemium plans, allowing you to experiment and see if they meet your needs before committing. Take advantage of these trials to get a feel for the interface, explore the features, and assess how well the software integrates with your existing workflows.

By carefully evaluating your requirements and exploring the available options, you can select a customer service email management software that empowers your team to deliver exceptional customer service while boosting overall efficiency.

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