Uncover the Future of Business Efficiency with AgentOS

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Uncover the Future of Business Efficiency with AgentOS
Abhinav Singh
Abhinav SinghProduct Marketing @ DevRev

In our first blog, we discussed why enterprises need an AI-native platform to successfully tap into the potential of AI for their operations.

Think of AgentOS as the bridge between modern tech and your essential systems. It brings humans and AI agents together in one seamless system, giving your support agents all the data and tools they need to work efficiently. At the same time, the user-friendly interface lets you sync with your existing solutions, so there's no need to ditch what's already working well.

With AgentOS, data from different sources is pulled into a smart knowledge graph, linking your work to your products and customers. Our advanced search makes finding information easy, while the workflow engine drives real-time automation. Plus, our in-browser analytics engine lets your human and AI agents handle complex tasks, boosting productivity and keeping your customers happy. In essence, AgentOS gives your AI agents the context they need to truly shine.

Let AgentOS Solve your Problems

Often, we envision our teams dedicating their efforts to meaningful work that adds value to both the customers and the organization. However, employees frequently find themselves entangled in routine tasks and daily crises, preventing them from prioritizing what truly matters. This leads to enterprises struggling with project delays and higher costs as employees spend too much time searching for information, reducing productivity. Slow data analysis hampers quick decision-making, leading to missed opportunities and lost revenue. Inefficient support operations extend resolution times, resulting in dissatisfied customers. Together, these issues hinder growth and competitiveness of the business.

AgentOS allows the team to focus on what truly matters. Using AgentOS, humans set the goals, and AgentOS AI agents independently select the best skills needed to achieve them. AgentOS is designed to solve users' problems by providing the fastest, most accurate, and hyper-personalized search capabilities within their knowledge base. It enhances efficiency by delivering real-time search results at the keystroke level, ensuring users find the information they need instantly. The platform also offers customizable in-browser analytics tailored to specific use cases, enabling quick data analysis and informed decision-making. AgentOS empowers users with fast L1-L2 deflection, removes deduplication, and executes smart routing and user-defined classification effortlessly.

Knowledge Graph for your Business

AgentOS leverages a powerful knowledge graph that serves as the core of DevRev's architecture, enabling intelligent and contextual solutions for businesses. This knowledge graph acts as a structured and interconnected representation of information, capturing intricate relationships between various components within the most complex environments. Through features like dimensional clustering and enhanced similarity analysis, the knowledge graph facilitates the identification of complex patterns, relationships, and opportunities for optimization across the entire enterprise.

AgentOS utilizes this knowledge graph to perform critical tasks such as analytics, trend analysis, prioritization, and recommendation generation. By triangulating across the interconnected vertices of the graph, AgentOS can provide insights into development trends, team performance, project health, and emerging patterns, while also suggesting relevant code snippets, documentation, or experts based on the context of the current task.

Enabling Contextual Intelligence for AI Agents and Employees

Even if enterprises hire highly talented individuals, those employees will not be very useful if they lack context and understanding of the business. This is true for our AI agents also. AgentOS provides this much needed context to your AI Agents. When your AI lacks context, it delivers irrelevant or inaccurate responses. Decisions based on incomplete information can lead to inefficiencies, and missed opportunities, ultimately eroding trust in the technology and its value to the organization. But AgentOS uses its Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) pipeline and supplies LLM models with the relevant context and data. Unlike models that rely only on their training data, RAG actively finds relevant information from specific datasets, like a company’s knowledge base. AgentOS excels in this by providing the necessary context, helping LLM models perform better and make fewer mistakes, thus improving reliability and trustworthiness. Envision a workplace where employees have a Google-like search capability for enterprise knowledge, granting instant access to comprehensive business information at their keystrokes. This powerful tool eliminates knowledge gaps, fostering an informed and collaborative workforce. Learn more about AgentOS Search here.

Elevating Data-Driven Insights with AgentOS Advanced Analytics

AgentOS removes the burden of clunky integrations across existing systems, workflow engines, and data warehousing for enterprises. With AgentOS, users can create AI agents equipped with advanced analytics, built on top of DevRev’s knowledge graph. AgentOS allows users to build AI analyst agents with capabilities such as Text2SQL, which transforms natural language queries into SQL, making database querying accessible to all the users. Additionally, Text2Viz converts text into dynamic visualizations, enabling users to explore datasets rapidly without prior knowledge of SQL. These advanced analytics skills, combined with language-agnostic ETL processes, abstraction of complex data models, entity relationships, workflows, and visualizations, empower users to leverage sophisticated analytics effortlessly, enhancing their data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Streamlining Operations with AgentOS Workflow Engine

One of the key features of AgentOS is its powerful workflow engine. The workflow engine acts as the hands and legs for your AI agents. It allows users to automatically generate support tickets based on incoming customer requests or predefined triggers set up by the support agent. The workflow engine also facilitates smart routing of tickets based on agents’ appropriate skills and availability, helping to optimize resource utilization and improve response times. Using the workflow engine, users can set up an organization-specific escalation matrix based on ticket priority, age, and customer importance, ensuring that high-priority or complex issues are escalated promptly and receive the attention they need without delay. The workflow engine enables agents to operate efficiently, focusing on resolving issues rather than administrative tasks. Learn more about the AgentOS Workflow Engine here.

Bringing It All Together: The Power of AgentOS

AgentOS is more than just a platform; it's an avenue for enterprises looking to integrate AI into their operations. In essence, AgentOS is designed to help enterprises unlock new levels of efficiency and innovation. It provides the foundational elements for AI-native solutions and offers the flexibility and connectivity needed to build, customize, and automate workflows effectively. With AgentOS, you’re not just adopting a platform—you’re embracing a smarter, more efficient way of doing business. Stay ahead, stay efficient, and let AgentOS be the driving force behind your enterprise’s AI transformation.

This is part 2 in a series of blogs, case- study, white-paper and podcasts on “AgentOS & its capabilities”. Stay tuned…

Frequently Asked Questions

AgentOS is an AI-native platform that bridges modern tech with essential business systems, bringing humans and AI agents together in one seamless system.

AgentOS improves efficiency by providing fast, accurate, and personalized search capabilities, real-time automation, advanced analytics, and AI-powered support deflection.

The knowledge graph is a core component of AgentOS that provides a structured and interconnected representation of information, capturing relationships between various components in complex environments.

gentOS can help solve issues like inefficient information retrieval, slow data analysis, project delays, brittle automations, disconnected business data, customer 360 view and inefficient support operations.

By providing real-time search results, customizable in-browser analytics, and AI-powered insights, AgentOS enables quick and informed decision-making.

Abhinav Singh
Abhinav SinghProduct Marketing @ DevRev

Product Marketing @ DevRev