ReadingCloud Tech: Boost Customer Experiences in Startups

Cloud Tech: Boost Customer Experiences in Startups



In this article, we tackle early-stage startup problems from a logistics view and how DevRev is the solution.

The Problems#

There’s Always the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly#

In the ever-changing post pandemic era, we present modern startups with extraordinary roadblocks to overcome. From a collaborative point of view, some of these obstacles include an endless checklist, from staffing concerns and new technologies to business pressures and sustainability issues. By proactively equipping themselves with success via strategic planning and partnerships, aspiring entrepreneurs can unlock their potential in this time of unprecedented challenge!

Let’s talk about some of the most common issues and resolutions that you might face in your startup.

Tracking Word and Strategic Time Investment#

With multiple projects and looming deadlines, teams working together can easily become overwhelmed with managing tasks. Prioritizing workloads, scheduling responsibilities, staying informed of progress - these are just a few elements that make collaborating an incredibly stressful undertaking. Despite the challenge, however; with some careful planning and organization in place—teams have the potential to work efficiently and reach their goals!

Optimize the Team: Size vs. Productivity#

Staying in sync with ever-evolving projects can be chaotic, especially when multiple people are involved. A "one for all" approach - where everyone dumps their work into one channel - may seem like an easy solution to avoid duplication of effort, but could actually overwhelm the system and lead to disorganization rather than cohesion. Creating a centralized system that provides notifications while avoiding redundancy is key!

Friction: The Number of Cooks in the Kitchen#

When dozens of developers come together to work on the same project, it can be easy for confusion and conflict to arise. But with open communication between all members involved, teams are able to better understand one another's perspective and avoid disagreements while still staying productive. An effective discussion often leads to a successful mission!

Planning Sprints: Prepare, Don’t Fail#

Whether it is a small startup or a huge corporation, preparation and planning is one of the indispensable aspects of building. The plan can range from a day, a week to year long planning depending on the detail and the stage of the company. This plan should take into account numerous parameters, such as time constraints, employees, monetary aspects, etc.

Customer Needs Over Market Needs: Love for the Product#

For businesses to thrive, a customer's love for the product is essential. Product lead growth requires existing customers being enthusiastic about your offerings and providing glowing recommendations. Developers can also play a key role in this process by understanding what it takes to be a customer, having empathy towards them, and offering helpful feedback that helps enhance the user experience even further.

Scalability: Strong Foundations#

As workloads increase, scalability offers a graceful solution that allows systems to remain intact while allocating additional resources. This ensures they can handle increased demand without needing major system redesigns!

Existing Solutions#

Developing applications often requires collaboration, workflow tracking and deployment. But what if existing solutions for these processes could be spread across multiple platforms? That could make it difficult to keep a consistent progression on the project. Fortunately, there are now numerous options available which bring all of these activities together in one place!

Welcome to DevRev#

So, how does DevRev help to solve all these problems?


The DevRev app is a powerful tool that makes development easier and more efficient. With it, you can link your current GitHub organization with this amazing application for extra benefits, such as finding and building code components in no time!

Besides seeing work items linked directly to issues or tickets, the automation feature allows users to construct automated processes based on activity. This adds yet another layer of convenience when managing complex projects - making sure tasks are completed successfully from start-to-finish with no hassle!

DevRev's tickets and issues create a powerful dynamic when combined with automated processes. This simplifies the ability to track conversations with clients, assigning tasks based on each team's scope of work - plus developers better comprehend why they are given specific assignments thanks to insight from customer dialogues.

Automation and connection have just become easier for developers with the introduction of flows! DevRev has made it possible to create anything from simple customizations, such as synchronizing code changes between devOrgs & Github gitflows, following issue journeys in your project workflow, or sending notifications through Slack. With these templates tailored towards every developer's needs - automating tasks is only a few clicks away.

In addition to its automation capabilities, DevRev also supports QR code scanning, making it even easier for developers to quickly access and share information on-the-go

DevRev is the Solution#

Greater transparency between developers and customers allows for smoother interaction. With this improved connection, developers no longer need to hop across multiple systems in order to monitor minor updates - a huge benefit!

And as the saying goes: pahle istemal karen phir vishvaas karen.

First use the product yourself and then you will rely.

Sign up for the DevRev beta and start using it to make your systems a whole lot easier.