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Modern Support CRM that brings support people, PMs, and developers together as one team with one purpose — the customer

Support users, not tickets.

Abhiram Kramadhati Director of Technical Support, Uniphore

“I honestly don't see DevRev as a replacement of Zendesk, or a replacement of ServiceNow. It is an indication of a new way of doing things for us.”

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140% Net retention50% Cost savings5x Faster resolution
Boost retention and revenue with AI-driven CRM: Fast resolutions via AI analytics and GPT chatbots, reducing support costs for improved profitability.

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Devrev vs zendesk
Reasons why businesses choose DevRev over Zendesk
Modern CRM powered by LLMs
In-app live chat with ticketing system
GPT-driven responses and AI powered insights
Semantic search and advanced knowledge base management
Collaborate natively with software development teams
Update end-users and customers in real-time
Pre-built 2-way integrations (Jira, Salesforce, more)
Personalized customer support
Extensible automation engine: APIs, Webhooks, JavaScript
Via predefined & highly customizable snap-ins Via predefined flow builders & macros
GPT-powered chatbot for the ultimate conversational experience
  • In-app live chat

    Get natural language generated answers in real time. Move on from flow builders of Zendesk chatbot to smarter chat alternative

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  • GPT-powered responses

    Don’t spoil your customer experience with a regular support CRM. Choose ultimate conversational experience, smarter than Zendesk canned responses.

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Smart, swift and seamless ticketing at your fingertips
  • Clustering

    Search, sort, filter and cluster your tickets to extract insights in minutes

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  • Similar tickets

    Solve common problems faster with similar ticket recommendations

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  • Real-time updates

    Keep your customers informed in real time

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Modern and intuitive user experience built for this decade
  • Find it fast with semantic search

    Customer chat, tickets, accounts, agents, articles - one place to search for anything in natural language

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  • Insights that connect your product, customers and people

    Search, sort, filter and cluster your tickets to extract insights in minutes to prioritise for customer impact

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