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    Reimagine customer support as you know it with DevRev. Use the power of GPT and Analytics to converge as a team with one purpose - the customer.
    With DevRev, you get


    Net retention

    Improve retention, increase revenue, and reduce churn



    Automate quick responses with GPT-powered chatbot


    Cost savings

    Improve profitability by reducing customer support costs


    Faster resolution

    Resolve faster with the power of AI and Analytics

    Free onboarding and trainingAI chatbot & insights free for 6 monthsMigration worth $20,000 on us

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    We tried everything… literally everything: Zendesk, Freshdesk, Intercom, every software out there. The problem is just so unique to the new age, API first companies and none of the existing tools are built for it. It felt like all the existing tools were built for supporting a B2C product.”
    Abhiram Kramadhati

    Director of Technical Support, Uniphore

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    GPT-powered chatbot for the ultimate conversational experience
    • Deflect

      Resolve queries automatically using DevRev Turing AI

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    • Automate

      GPT-powered responses to automate Level 1 customer support

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    • Self-serve

      Auto-suggest relevant articles and FAQs from your knowledge base

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    • Route

      Seamlessly transfer unresolved queries to the in-house expert

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    Create powerful integrations with your favourite apps
    • Truly real-time bidirectional sync

      Bring order to chaos with real-time bidirectional sync

    • Automatically link tickets with issue

      Co-exist with the tools that your product and development teams use

    • Populate fields by default

      Automate integrations to auto-populate fields across apps

    • No system integrators required

      Integrate your favourite apps with minimal effort using snap-ins

    user experience
    Modern and intuitive user experience built for this decade
    • Find it fast with semantic search

      Customer chat, tickets, accounts, agents, articles - one place to search for anything in natural language

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    • Insights that connect your product, customers and people

      Search, sort, filter and cluster your tickets to extract insights in minutes to prioritise for customer impact

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    AI-powered Support
    Ticketing done smart, swift and seamless
    • technology
      One-click ticket clustering to gain insights

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    • technology
      Solve common problems faster with similar ticket recommendations
    • technology
      Give customers real time updates on tickets and issues
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    Why DevRev?
    Converge support and revenue teams
    Build the knowledge graph of your product, customers and people on our vector databases
    Powered by DevRev Turing AI
    Build your support AI copilot in less than 5 minutes and deliver premium support effortlessly.
    Extensibility with API and webhooks
    Extensible automation engine with APIs, webhooks, JavaScript via predefined and highly customizable snap-ins.
    Security Compliance
    At DevRev we are committed to ensuring the highest level of security for our customers. We are pleased to announce that DevRev is SOC2 Type 2 compliant.