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From Legacy to Leading-Edge: Bolt’s Support Overhaul with DevRev

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The Company

Bolt, leading checkout technology platform, guarantees retailers best-in-class customer conversion with seamless and secure one-click checkout. Leading brands like Saks OFF 5TH, Revolve, Benefit Cosmetics, and Casper leverage Bolt’s Universal Shopper Network to recognize and connect with over 80M customers—one third of all US online shoppers. Bolt works within retailers’ existing tech stack and helps them provide an enhanced, friction-free buying experience for their customers with no added buttons or redirects.

The Challenge

As Bolt's customer base rapidly expanded, the company encountered significant obstacles in scaling its customer support operations effectively. Existing systems proved inadequate, making it considerably more challenging for the company to provide a support experience that matched the quality of its checkout solution. The company faced inefficient workflows that burdened support agents with routine tasks, reducing their productivity and limiting their ability to seamlessly support both shoppers and retailers alike. The company’s legacy support systems were creating systematic roadblocks for meeting Bolt's growing operational demands. Finally, the absence of effective self-service options for merchants and shoppers led to an increase in support requests.

The Solution

DevRev introduced a multi-faceted AI-native platform tailored to address and streamline Bolt’s customer support needs. Selecting DevRev was a critical move for Bolt. Attracted by the value demonstrated by DevRev in January, Bolt quickly proceeded to switch systems. Bolt’s Senior Manager, Support, Elec Boothe, discussed the company’s decision to move to DevRev in January 2024, noting just how transformative the migration project was for Bolt’s business.

The migration was seamless and efficient, and the DevOps side was notably easy. Within just two weeks, we successfully imported around 200,000 Zendesk tickets and 800 knowledge base articles along with 12 workflows.

Elec BootheSenior Manager, Support and Technical Writing, Bolt

To effectively address its operational challenges, Bolt adopted several of DevRev’s advanced features. DevRev executed a swift and seamless transition, migrating over 200,000 support tickets, 800 knowledge base articles, and numerous workflows from Bolt's previous systems without disrupting customer service. This migration included the implementation of a sophisticated search widget that significantly enhanced the functionality of Bolt's help site, facilitating faster and more accurate access to information. Furthermore, DevRev's automation tools streamlined Bolt's agent workflows, significantly reducing time-consuming manual tasks and enhancing productivity. This automation not only improved agent efficiency but also boosted overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, the integration of an advanced knowledge base system allowed for effective management and centralization of support documentation, ensuring that both customers and support staff had access to consistent, accurate, and up-to-date information. This comprehensive approach helped Bolt to transform its customer support framework into a more efficient and responsive system, better suited to meet the demands of its expanding operations.

The transition to DevRev was so smooth that our merchants didn't even realize it had occurred. We are now leveraging more of DevRev's capabilities, and both our team and our merchants are very excited about the possibilities.

Elec BootheSenior Manager, Support and Technical Writing, Bolt

Top Features

  • AirDrop
  • Search Functionality within Merchant Help Section on the website
  • Customer Support Portal
  • PluG, in-website customer support
  • Multi-channel inbox for Email, and PLuG
  • Workflow Automations
  • Knowledge Base Integration

DevRev significantly improved our help-site by developing a search widget that automates and enhances information retrieval, solving traditional manual searching issues and streamlining merchant interactions.

Elec BootheSenior Manager, Support and Technical Writing, Bolt

Top Benefits

  • Enhanced Search Functionality: DevRev's sophisticated search widget empowered Bolt with improved search capabilities on their help site. This advancement optimized information retrieval, enabling quicker and more accurate responses for both customers and internal support teams. The optimized search functionality not only elevated customer experiences but also streamlined internal support processes.
  • Increased Agent Productivity: By leveraging DevRev's intelligent automation capabilities, Bolt could streamline agent workflows and reduce manual tasks, translating into increased productivity.
  • Centralized Knowledge Management: DevRev's knowledge base integration allowed Bolt to centralize and manage support documentation effectively.
  • Scalability and Future-Proofing: DevRev's platform is designed to grow with Bolt's expanding operations, providing a scalable foundation for future growth.
  • Collaboration and Partnership: Beyond the adoption of support products, Bolt is looking forward to exploring advanced AI-native support capabilities, system integrations, and data-driven process optimizations, further elevating Bolt's customer support operations.