ReadingBlending AI insights with sales strategies at DevRev

Blending AI insights with sales strategies at DevRev


Your favourite T-shirt and I might share something in common - our roots in Tirupur, the 'Knitwear capital of the world'. Born and bred in this industrious town, I have had the unique privilege of observing the intricate weave of entrepreneurship and salesmanship up close. It's this distinctive backdrop that has shaped my perspective on sales and its core objective: delivering value to customers.

Sales is not for the faint-hearted. It's an invigorating, pulse-racing journey of meeting goals, building connections, and balancing self-assured assertiveness with occasional tremors of doubt. These qualities resonate with me, which is why I chose a career in sales.

My professional journey began to take shape during my tenure at Vodafone, where I honed my sales skills. However, the vibrant, fast-moving universe of startups caught my attention. Upon joining Freshworks, I had the opportunity to establish the APAC market for a new product. Then, I became part of DevRev, an AI-centric company revolutionizing the tech space. The thrill of being in a 0-1 space is exhilarating as you are expected not to be specialized in one task but a master of multitasking. Now, I am not just selling a product; I am part of a team transforming the business world.

The fear of being a non-tech person was real - SaaS and the emerging world of AI seemed as complex as interpreting Greek and Latin. But rather than viewing it as a hurdle, I embraced it as a stepping stone towards growth. AI helped me make sense of complex data, provided actionable insights, and streamlined my sales process. It felt like having a personal aide who intuitively understands and simplifies my tasks.

With 8 years of experience in GTM, I've had the privilege of observing this exhilarating ride up close. I've seen firsthand how technology has fundamentally altered the sales landscape, shifting it from a purely cold call environment to a more refined ecosystem where artificial intelligence acts as a reliable ally, simplifying mundane work.

Especially at DevRev, our space bar (AI) assists me with everything and anything. Right from understanding our prospects to knowing my team’s performance to creating reports. Everything happens in just seconds, allowing me to focus on strategic decision-making and fostering team development, effectively boosting overall productivity.

My journey has instilled in me the strength to constantly challenge oneself, step beyond comfort zones, and erase preconceived notions of personal capabilities. Raised in a household where I was always treated like a princess, I was sheltered from the harsh reality of gender bias. It was a sobering reality check when I understood that dreams can, indeed, have a gender.

"Why not?" We need to keep asking ourselves this question. It's time to break through the invisible barriers and foster a more equitable world. I firmly believe in the strength of community, in supporting and growing together. Let's strive to create a safer, fairer world, where every dream is respected, irrespective of gender.