ReadingWomen of DevRev: Rasika's journey with Sales and SaaS

Women of DevRev: Rasika's journey with Sales and SaaS


He who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Little did I foresee that there would come a day when I, a Biotech graduate, would be writing about Artificial Intelligence. Never could I have envisioned a career in Sales, let alone in the domain of SaaS. Yet, now, I cannot picture my life without it.

As a woman in a Sales role, the path has indeed been challenging, but the thrill of closing deals and the profound respect for cultivating human relationships have sustained me so far. With my background in Biology, I tend to perceive everything through the lens of my favorite part of the human being - the Brain. Sales becomes rewarding when one cracks the code of human psychology, for it is nothing more than building trust, understanding pain, empathy and nurturing relationships. Believe in what you are selling, believe in yourself, and trust me, you’re already 85% of the way toward closing the deal.

Similarly, the new era of AI fascinates me, for in my mind, the concept of AI and brain neural pathways are inextricably intertwined. Much like our Brain, AI can learn from experiences, process information, and generate ideas. I personally use AI in my day to day life with the DevRev app through our Turing bot a lot as it helps me answer customer queries in seconds before I can even get to it. Apart from simplifying my job, it also keeps the customer’s curiosity piqued by providing the required information. Not only does it help with deflection but also the DevRev AI native platform helps me build reports with natural language and helps me streamline my responsibilities. How easy does that make my job?

Change and improvement will be constant, and while the future remains to be witnessed, I am sure AI will be a part of it.

If I look back at how far I have come or if you would tell the 18 year old me that fast forward 11 years, this is what my life would look like, I would not have believed you. The journey so far hasn’t been easy, always believing and learning to take one step forward guides me to the right places. Since I love trekking, in essence to the Quote earlier, it celebrates the resilience of the human spirit - that by aiming high, persevering through hardship, and attaining one’s greatest potential, one can look back at past tragedies as relatively insignificant in the grand scheme of their journey and accomplishments in life.