ReadingPhilosophy of Default Left Nav - Why and What

Philosophy of Default Left Nav - Why and What


In our ongoing quest to enhance user experience and productivity, DevRev is excited to announce a significant update to our platform: a customizable navigation experience designed to adapt to your unique work needs. This new feature promises a more intuitive and tailored interface, helping you personalize your left nav to fit your workflows.

The cornerstones of productivity: Work, Product, Customer, People

Your navigation now comes with 4 default sections - Work, Product, Customer and People.

At DevRev, we are more than just an AI support solution. We are a partner in our customers' success and are dedicated to delivering solutions that empower their businesses. Through our innovative product, customer-centric approach, meticulous work, and talented people, we build excellence in the tech landscape, ensuring that our customers thrive in a competitive market.

The Work stands as the universal foci for productivity, including the issues, tickets, conversations and any other views or dashboards that form the daily workflows. It is the pulse of operational activity, ensuring that everyone, from engineers to support agents, can manage their responsibilities efficiently.

The product captures the essence of what we're building, supporting, and constantly improving—from its architecture and features to the mechanisms that track its effectiveness. Everyone involved in the product life cycle, from creation to release and support, relies on this blueprint for success.

The Customer is a dedicated space for tuning into and acting on the voice of the customer, guiding the product's direction and enhancing company growth. It centralizes customer feedback, concerns, and insights, ensuring teams can access and leverage this critical information to drive improvements and meet customer expectations.

Finally, the People - every team member plays a role in influencing the product's success and fostering a customer-centric culture. The collective effort of these talented individuals makes the product great and keeps our customers happy.

By focusing on these four cornerstones— Work, Product, Customer, and People—you can build a thriving, efficient, and customer-centric organization.

With our recent Navigation feature, we’re looking to do something similar.

Understanding the need for personalization of Left Nav

Our current left navigation offers a standard view for all users. While functional, it has been limited, often underutilizing the potential of our platform by exposing only some available features to the user.

Moreover, the lack of customization meant that most users were navigating through a cluttered interface that barely resonated with their daily workflows.

What has changed in our recent enhancement for Left navigation?

The upgraded left navigation is a redesign and a reimagining of how you interact with DevRev. Here’s what to expect:

  • Personalized navigation options: Depending on your role and frequently used features, the left nav will display personalized options categorized under Work, Part, Customer, and People.
  • Customization capabilities: You can now modify the left nav to better suit your needs by adding or removing items and pinning the most crucial views for quick access.
  • Enhanced accessibility: Discover a library of pre-curated views and add them to your navigation as you see fit, ensuring that every tool you need is right where you need it.
  • Dynamic interactivity: The design now intuitively guides you through pinning new views from the Vista directly onto the left navigation, enhancing the ease of use.

The impact?

DevRev aims to streamline workflows and boost productivity by providing navigation tailored to individual needs. This personalization is expected to:

  • Enhance the discovery of new and relevant features.
  • Increase overall platform engagement through an interface that intuitively aligns with user needs.
  • Foster a deeper connection between the users and the DevRev platform by making everyday tasks more accessible and less time-consuming.

Looking ahead: Future releases

DevRev isn't stopping here. Future updates will include more advanced customization options, such as the ability to archive views, create new sections, and even access a marketplace-like "Explore" section filled with additional vistas.

DevRev's new personalized left navigation is more than just an update—it's a transformation of how our users interact daily with our platform. By aligning our technology with our users' individual workflows, we are one step closer to making work not just manageable but intuitive and seamless.