The notification updates that will elevate your focus

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The notification updates that will elevate your focus

Welcome back to our product updates blog. After kicking things off in January, we're thrilled to share the newest enhancements to the DevRev app.

Managing notifications is necessary in today's workplace, where you have countless SaaS tools and innumerable notifications. Especially now that we've onboarded so many new (and chatty) team members 🤖bots, it's even more crucial to separate the wheat from the chaff and protect your focus time.

We're rolling out several improvements to our notifications features to boost productivity and deliver relevant updates with the right context. We want to make it easier to set your preferences and take back control of your time.

Let's dive into the latest enhancements designed to streamline your workflow and elevate your user experience.

What's new and better?

Tailored notification tabs for enhanced focus

Prioritized tabs:

We've introduced 'Important' and 'Other' tabs to help you understand what matters most. The 'Important' tab is your go-to for high-priority updates like mentions, assignments, new comments, and other critical alerts, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Participation split:

To further refine your notification experience, we've separated notifications related to discussions and attribute changes. This split provides better clarity, allowing you to quickly grasp the context and relevance of each notification, leading to a more organized and efficient workflow​​.

Streamlined notification management with clustering

To reduce clutter and improve tracking, notifications are now organized into clusters. This makes it easier to follow updates on a specific object or bot.

Efficient inbox and mobile-centric enhancements

Simplified Read/Unread management:

You can now effortlessly mark threads as read or unread, and one-click switch between unread and all notifications. This feature lets you quickly organize your inbox and focus on the messages that matter most.

Additionally, we've introduced a convenient one-click switch that lets you toggle between viewing only unread notifications and all notifications. This means you can effortlessly filter your inbox to see only the new updates or review all messages at a glance, ensuring you never miss important information.

Contextual notifications:

We've supercharged our notifications to provide more context, making them informative and actionable. This means you can understand the relevance of each notification at a glance and take appropriate action without missing a beat.

Notification framework:

For all our Snap-in developers out there, we are launching an all new Notifications framework for you to notify the users easily and efficiently. Every user has unique workflows and priorities, and thus we are also looking to incorporate machine learning and Gen AI to further tailor the notification system with meaningful digests and summaries . This ambitious step aims to personalize notifications based on user behavior and preferences, revolutionizing how users interact with the platform.

The way forward

DevRev's latest updates to its notification system are more than just incremental improvements; they represent a fundamental shift in how users engage with the platform. By tackling the core issues of notification management and introducing intelligent, user-centric features, DevRev sets a new user experience standard. These updates are not just about managing notifications; they're-they're about empowering users to work more efficiently and effectively, making every interaction on DevRev more meaningful and productive.

Stay tuned for more updates! We'll keep sharing the latest improvements and new features in our upcoming blogs. Our goal is to improve your experience with DevRev, so keep an eye out for what's coming next!

Ribhu Chawla
Ribhu ChawlaProduct Manager @ DevRev

Ribhu Chawla is a Product Manager for social and mobile experiences at DevRev, focused on enriching customer and product interactions.