ReadingLooking to unlock next level customer support? Give your agents a seat at the table

Looking to unlock next level customer support? Give your agents a seat at the table


With the proliferation of subscription-based SaaS business models, pressure is mounting on businesses to keep customer satisfaction high and quickly deliver on user feedback. These days, churn is a concern faced by teams every 30 days – a far cry from the 1-3 year contracts of years past. It is more important than ever to consistently deliver on customer expectations. However, one thing remains certain: doing right by your customers is good business. Great customer support reduces churn and can even be a revenue driver by generating upsell opportunities.

Unfortunately, coming together as a team to support customers is only getting harder. In this age of SaaS sprawl and remote work, employees are more isolated than ever - from their data and from one another. Institutional knowledge is trapped in silos, exacerbated by the proliferation of software tools and the distributed nature of today’s teams. The good news? The right technology can provide a powerful solution to this headache.

Customer Success lives and breathes the voice of the customer – yet they all too often lack the data, product context, and operational levers necessary to deliver on customer needs. With chatbots progressively automating simple queries, customer support agents are increasingly responsible for handling more complex tasks – ones that require awareness of product analytics, access to session recordings & crash reports, and influence over the product roadmap. To deliver on these effectively, support agents need to work hand-in-hand with product managers, support engineers, and development teams to ensure that the customer voice doesn’t get lost in cacophony.

The DevRev platform boosts agent productivity by giving support agents access to the knowledge they need to deliver a stellar customer experience – knowledge that was previously locked up in data and organizational silos. With more context than ever – and right at their fingertips – agents are able to deliver faster resolutions and leave customers happier. No more lost tickets, no more silos. Just happy customers.

Beyond Support

DevRev is far more than a support platform. After all, supporting your customers goes far beyond conversations, issues, and tickets. DevRev takes a modern approach to customer support by situating it in the broader context of product development. Our tool suite interconnects support teams with product, livesight engineering, and even revenue teams. It helps teams go from reactive support to proactive and even predictive support - solving customer issues before they arise. These capabilities enable teams to focus on what’s essential, resulting in happier customers.

In addition to a robust, AI-native support platform, DevRev offers a conversational chatbot that immediately serves your customers, an intelligent co-pilot to assist employees across the organization, and best-in-class 360 analytics. These are powered by your knowledge base and stitched together with next-generation AI capabilities. While everyone else is using 15 tools to support their customers, DevRev helps you do it all in one.

Our Platform

Our modern AI platform leverages the power of LLMs so you reach a new level of customer centricity. Our knowledge graph lies at the heart of it all, powered by state of the art RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) and semantic search technology. Unlike humans, DevRev’s knowledge graph doesn’t see organizational silos. It sees the work that you do, the people with whom you collaborate, and the knowledge you need to be successful. In solving for knowledge fragmentation, it forms the connective tissue across the organization. To top it all off, our next-generation architecture allows us to deliver these capabilities faster and better than legacy tooling.

Giving customer support agents a seat at the table is your organization's unfair advantage. DevRev amplifies the voice of the customer to ripple through your organization, forming the connective tissue across your teams to unleash creativity, collaboration, and customer delight.