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If you believe

Modena, a small town in Italy, is known for two unique characteristics. In some culinary circles, it is known for the balsamic vinegar that this town produces. But more prominently, Modena is also...

Modena, a small town in Italy, is known for two unique characteristics. In some culinary circles, it is known for the balsamic vinegar that this town produces. But more prominently, Modena is also known for being the headquarters or in the vicinity of some famous car manufactures like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati. What is not widely known about this town, though, are two words that have been embedded in its Coat of arms for centuries and describes this town’s motto — *Avia Pervia.*

The words loosely translated means make hard paths simple (to travel).

If you believe we are witnessing the third industrial revolution with practically all aspects of human interactions turning digital, then you know that every company is turning into a software company. In fact, one would argue that the last 15 months have only accelerated that catalysis with one added additional twist — A lot of companies have not just turned into software, they have started to use more and more AI in invisible ways.

As accelerated digital journeys drive more data, I believe Machine Learning (ML) and AI have opened up new frontiers and a new way of building and running an organization. I believe this has also pushed us to the cusp of a dramatic new shift in how products are made, operated, and eventually sold to and used by customers.

If you believe that the humble developer/engineer is at the heart of this new revolution, given that all digital is code, you are not alone. Over the years, code has become akin to an assembly line of building products and experiences. You build something; you ship it, someone starts selling it, and at some point, customers start signing up and using the product. However, unlike a traditional product, digital companies are creating experiences where the creation process does not stop after you ship the code. In fact, most of these products and experiences have an operating dimension, a support dimension, and a growth dimension, all revolving around the customer.

Over the years, as companies have poured billions of dollars into building the right product experiences for their customers, the developers, engineers and the makers have gotten further and further away from the customers. Further and further away from the revenue.

If you believe, as an engineer/developer, that things could be better, that creation doesn’t stop at shipping code, and driving relentless improvements is as critical as building new features, then you are not alone.

If you believe that building and managing, growing, and nurturing are parts of the same coin and if you believe that you have a say in how things could be better, you are not alone.

If you believe that design and code are an integral part of the creative process and that the only reason a company exists is because of the customer and their relationship to the product, then we have something in common. We have embarked on a lofty vision of putting developers closer to the product, the customers, and revenue, and we are excited about the opportunities, the avenues, and the terrains we intend to open up and explore.

We are looking for engineers, designers, makers who share the same beliefs and ideals as us and those who believe that there is hope on the horizon when it comes to solving hairy problems of how to run a company in the modern era with the help of ML and AI.

It is not every day that an opportunity comes knocking with the germination of an idea which, when addressed with full intention, could change the way future organizations can work for the better. It is not every day that you get to work with the best of the best who drive you to build something better and become a better human being in the process.

If you believe that all of this resonates with your own core values; If you believe in Avia Pervia, then you are one of us.

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