How GenAI search makes your knowledge base more effective

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How GenAI search makes your knowledge base more effective

Your knowledge base is the centralized repository of all your company’s information across documentation, past support tickets, common FAQs, and more. It empowers customers to self-serve, find answers quickly, and reduces the burden on your support team by preventing repetitive tickets from entering their inbox. Internally, it enables your employees to perform their tasks faster and with more precision by providing access to relevant and accurate information at their fingertips.

The problem with current knowledge bases

But what if accessing your knowledge base, despite its wealth of information and your team's painstaking efforts at keeping it up-to-date, still feels like navigating a maze? Do your customers still require human agent interventions for even the most basic queries? Are your employees spending a big chunk of their time looking for the right information to solve customer queries?Fortunately, or unfortunately, you are not alone. In fact, this is a major problem facing enterprises today - more than 50% customers are unable to resolve an issue on their own because they weren’t able to find the right information. Moreover, one-fifth of the average knowledge worker’s time today is spent looking for information. The culprit? Traditional search methods lack context, personalization, and intuitiveness. Often based on keyword matching, these methods fail to understand intent and frequently under-deliver on accuracy and relevance if the exact phrase is not used. Additionally, users need to comb through multiple articles to get a complete picture of the information they are looking for, leaving them frustrated and unsatisfied

The solution? Empower your knowledge base with GenAI search to understand user intent and deliver highly relevant & contextually accurate results!

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So how does GenAI search improve your knowledge base?

GenAI search can make your knowledge base more user-friendly, efficient, and informative by bridging the gap between how users naturally ask questions and how knowledge bases are traditionally structured. It makes your knowledge base more effective due to:

Improved understanding of user queries: It leverages natural language processing (NLP) to understand the intent behind a user's search query, even if it's incomplete or phrased poorly . This allows it to surface relevant information from the knowledge base that might not be perfectly matched by keywords alone.

Smarter search results: It can analyze the vast amount of data within the knowledge base and identify connections between different articles. This enables it to present users with a comprehensive understanding of a topic, rather than just a single article.

Content generation and summarization: GenAI can automatically generate summaries of complex topics or create new content based on existing information in the knowledge base. This can be helpful for users who need a quick overview of a subject or prefer different formats of information.

Personalization: GenAI can learn from user interactions and tailor search results to their specific needs and interests. This can save users time and frustration by delivering the most relevant information right away.

The business case for GenAI search in knowledge management

Exceptional customer experience and a productive workforce are two potent levers every business wants to leverage. GenAI search powered knowledge bases helps us do both by driving:

Customer success

GenAI search enables quick, accurate responses to customer queries, enhancing self-service and reducing reliance on support teams. This leads to faster issue resolution and higher customer satisfaction. Through continuous learning and personalization of responses, GenAI meets modern customer expectations of relevance and proactiveness, improving loyalty and retention as satisfied customers are more likely to stay and recommend your brand.

Enterprise Productivity

Support agents today often have to manually search for solutions to customer problems, which can be especially challenging for new agents who aren't yet familiar with the product and knowledge base. GenAI search boosts employee productivity by providing quick access to relevant information, reducing time spent on searches, and allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks. This efficiency enables scalable operations with smaller teams, leading to significant cost savings. Additionally, GenAI optimizes the knowledge base by identifying gaps and redundancies, enhancing knowledge sharing and fostering better collaboration and innovation across teams.

The future of knowledge is user-friendly

As GenAI technology continues to evolve, we can expect further improvements in knowledge base effectiveness. Emerging technologies such as real-time language translation, advanced sentiment analysis, and complex personalization algorithms will allow AI to understand the customer at a deeper level and connect better with them!

One thing is clear, that by harnessing the power of AI, companies across industries can create a more user-friendly, effective resource that empowers everyone and drives success.

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