DevRev launches their DevCRM beta, a platform for Product-Led companies

DevRev Press Room

Palo Alto, April 20, 2022: DevRev, a business software company bringing Developers closer to their customers (Revenue), today announced the beta release of their platform.

Launching as the world’s first Developer Customer Relationship Management (Dev CRM) platform, DevRev brings together the holy trinity of product-led companies – product, customer, and developer.

The company announced that over 100 customers have already signed up for beta.

The beta release represents a year’s effort from 100 DevRev developers, a grand total of 10,000 pull requests and hundreds of hours of customer interviews.

DevRev brings together customer conversations, work management with real-time collaboration, and a system of record for product in a single platform. You can read more about the DevRev capabilities here and walk through the demo here.

About DevRev

DevRev is a business software company that brings developers and customers together in the era of product-led growth. The company is building an API-first, dev-centric CRM that leverages data, design, and machine intelligence to empower developers to build, support, and grow their businesses. In times of anemic NPS and high customer churn, DevRev strives to create the world's most customer-centric companies led by happy developers. Grok and grep more on DevRev via the web, Twitter, and LinkedIn.