ReadingDevRev marketplace: Connect with what matters

DevRev marketplace: Connect with what matters

My daughter was afraid to go to school. It was the first day of middle school, and suddenly from being the oldest in elementary school, she was the youngest, walking alongside the hallways of students 6 years older...

My daughter was afraid to go to school. It was the first day of middle school, and suddenly from being the oldest in elementary school, she was the youngest, walking alongside the hallways of students 6 years older. As we drove to school, I said to her, “make a friend, it will be easier”. I could almost hear her inside voice, “hrmph, easy for you to say”. But who am I kidding – it was intimidating for me then, and it is even now everytime I enter a room full of people.

Friends are a huge part of what makes school more fun, and frankly everything more fun. Life is just better with friends. And if there is one thing at the core of the tech industry, it’s connections – with people, with systems, and connecting to what matters.

Better with friends

At DevRev, our friends are many – they are our coworkers, our customers, our community, our investors, as well as systems and 3rd party software. We befriended many systems from day one, such as GitHub, Jira and Slack. Sometimes, we may be the first to reach out and say, “Can we be friends?”.

Today, we announce the humble beginnings of the DevRev Marketplace. It’s where we hope to connect with many new systems, enrich our existing relationships, and just supercharge our user workflows. We have a common purpose, to make life better for everyone, and especially for our users.

DevRev Marketplace is where our users explore and get snap-ins, extensions of your DevRev experience. They are powerful ways to extend the functionality of DevRev by connecting with external systems, automating your workflows, or simply personalizing your experience. For example, the Slack snap-in scales your customer support in Slack by enabling a real time bi-directional sync so Slack conversations are always in sync with DevRev tickets, and customers are never in the dark. Our GitHub snap-in extends DevRev to work in close conjunction with your GitHub workspace, so status of your developer issues is always code driven and real time.

Meaningful connections

A meaningful connection is like a marriage meant to be, or like best friends forever. It should feel easy. It’s easy because communication is seamless and you are a snug fit. When DevRev connects users with new ways to extend their experience, sometimes with another system, we think about three core principles.

Organic discovery

Discovery must be organic – it’s all about the context: the right place at the right time. The key is to become discoverable everywhere, whether on Google, in your own communities or others, and even inside of the app. Be discovered, when they are looking.

Easy to use

Once discovered, unlocking value should be seamless. Give users the autonomy to unlock value, without having to go to their admin for permissions, or their managers for budget. It’s easy to install, configure and get started on their own, in a matter of minutes.

Creates value

Value creation is crucial, for our users and also for our community. We aim to extend our users’ experience, by connecting them with other systems they use, sharing information effortlessly, and offering users new ways to work, or simply eliminate work with automations. Everything we build, we hope our community can extend with additional powerful ways to create value.

Enrich your Dev and Rev connections

DevRev Marketplace will help create a new kind of CRM, Developer CRM. We believe a CRM cannot live in a silo in the front office, and rather customer, aka Rev data must flow across to the Dev teams and back, including cross functional teams such as developers, product managers, support engineers and more. An ecosystem is built on relationships, and ours includes relationships with APIs, SDKs, webhooks and low-touch ways for community members to create value.

At the DevRev Marketplace, akin to an App Store, you can discover snap-ins that add new functionality, bring a dash of delight to your day, and enhance your DevRev experience. As a community member, you may build and distribute your snap-in in the future.

We begin this journey with 10+ snap-ins that will add new functionality to DevRev and extend our users’ experience. Go to to learn more.


DevRev’s GitHub snap-in helps eliminate work about work — and especially the status meeting. We enable more developer deep work time, with machines doing more so developers spend time on what matters most. GitHub snap-in create value to developers across several fronts:

  • Automatic status updates based on GitHub events, such as branches, commits, PRs
  • Autocreate and manage issues so developers don’t need to, so your work is always account
  • Schedule PR reminders such that PRs are never stale, and teammates know the status of issues
  • Create tasks for PRs such that every PR review is accounted for and so you can track them
  • Track status of your builds, and keep GitHub Actions in sync with your DevRev issue

There’s a lot to love about GitHub! DevRev extends the awesome GitHub experience, and empowers developers to build great software, while making more time for what matters, their customer and product.


Slack is a great way to stay connected. It’s also where several organizations engage with their customers. It may sometimes be an organizational challenge though, where discovery and traceability can be a nightmare, “Where was that Slack customer thread?”

Our Slack snap-in enables you to have more efficient customer feedback loops. They help you converge customer conversations, support tickets and developer issues:

  • Create DevRev support tickets that are in bi-directional sync with Slack customer conversations
  • Get DevRev ticket notifications on Slack, tracking the lifecycle of the ticket and related developer issues
  • Provide visibility to customers on all of their requests so they are never in the dark
  • View DevRev ticket status without ever leaving Slack
  • Run commands to perform quick DevRev actions

If you’ve been running customer support on Slack, and are keen on improving your customer feedback loops, then our Slack integrations will help you be more efficient, bringing structure, traceability and transparency.


Bring your developer issues and coexist delightfully with Jira, and transition to DevRev at your own pace. The Jira snap-in enables customer support teams to coexist with Jira with bulk import, 1-way and bi-directional sync, so updates in Jira reflect in DevRev and vice versa. The sync works on new issues as well as updates to existing issues, and is feature rich with bidirectional sync of objects, fields, attachments, links, comments, as well as custom attributes.

Our Jira snap-in enables you to tightly integrate with developer issues in Jira, so you can run truly converged customer support in DevRev.


DevRev’s converged system of record tightly couples the core objects of the platform – work, identity and parts. Our Support convergence snap-in ensures that customer conversations, support tickets and developer issues are converged, with information flowing seamlessly across developers, product managers and support engineers. Here are powerful ways you can drive convergence between your customer, the Rev and your team, the Devs

  • Automatic ticket updates in customer conversations
  • Automatic issue and ticket updates
  • Automatic updates between parent and child issues

Enable this snap-in so you never have to context switch across disconnected customer support and development systems. Let machines eliminate menial tasks, so you never have to ask questions such as “where’s my feature request?”

Build with us!

Come check out several other snap-ins on the DevRev Marketplace. If you have feedback or requests for new snap-ins, please reach out to We look forward to building and learning with you, and also soon opening up the DevRev Marketplace for our community to build and co-create value.