Converge support and build
Converge support and build
Unlock the power of a converged system of record, and ensure customer conversations, support tickets and development issues are always in sync.

Converge support and build

Unlock the power of a converged system of record, and ensure customer conversations, support tickets and development issues are always in sync.



Supercharge cross-functional work with this set of default automations, propagating information across various entities at DevRev - including Conversations, Tickets, and Issues.

DevRev's shared system of record opens up doors for 'the machine' to take over & intelligently ensure heartbeats from various functions of your DevRev workspace travel across each other.

'Convergence with DevRev' is a set of default automations that power cross-functional information flow in your DevRev workspace, such that updates from Product teams' Issues make way to Tickets in the 'front-office' and vice versa with little human intervention.Let machines be the messenger of 'Updates' so they arrive before the next "Any progress on this?" or "What's the progress on this?".

How it works

This set of Convergence automations will be enabled for you by default. Find them under Flows in your workspace settings, where you can adjust configuration to tweak app behaviour.Find more details below on the first set of individual behaviours that this Flow includes.


This automation is powerful and has a series of individual, configurable behaviours.

As they say, the power is in the defaults! With this pre-enabled Flow come DevRev's tried and tested defaults. You always have the option to adjust further. You will soon have the option to further customize these automations, or write your own! :)

Automatic Customer Updates from Tickets

Propagate updates from Tickets to related customer Conversations, examples including -

  • When a Ticket is closed, post an autonomous update to the related PLuG conversation (if any).
  • When a Ticket is linked to a Conversation, autonomously update the Conversation & provide a follow-up reference to the customer.
  • When a Ticket is updated with relevant information, post a heartbeat to the Conversation (so conversation owners )

So your customer is never in the dark.

Automatic Updates between Tickets to Issues

Leveraging the association between customer Tickets (for your Revs) and your Product team's Issues, this automation focusses on keeping Issues aware of changes to Tickets and vice-versa, with updates like -

  • When a Ticket severity changes, autonomously update Issue Priority & Stage accordingly.
  • When progress is made on Issues, update the status on dependent Tickets.
  • When underlying Issues are resolved, advance Tickets to the next stage - making the baton-passing motion seamless.

So your Dev team never has to be "kept in the loop" manually.

Autonomous Issue Management

Parent Issues, Child Issues, Dependent Issues, Blocked Issues - are any Dev's nightmares.With this set of autonomous Convergence behaviours, Issues and their hierarchy become a tad-bit manageable -

  • Watch children Issues & automatically update a parent Issue when a Dev starts working on it.
  • As children Issues make progress, send state updates to parent Issues along with information on 'completion progress'.
  • Or when parent Issues are closed, update children Issues automatically reducing manual bookkeeping.

Frequently asked questions

What does Convergence mean?

DevRev's system of record converges multiple functions in an organization - touching everything from customer conversations, tickets and developer issues. Yet, because the system of record is shared, it paves way for the machine to take on menial, repetitive work - specially around bringing together (or converging) these cross-functional entities (and thus the teams that work on them) together.

This set of automations is the first wave of machine-driven app behavior towards this Convergence.

Can these automations be disabled, completely or partially?All automation behaviours listed above are individual automations that can be turned on/off as per your team's workflow.
Configuration options for these adjustments would be visible under your Flows in your Org Settings.
Can I extend these automations in the future?Yes! The ability to tweak these flows (beyond currently available configuration options) & to write your own flows is on the roadmap, and will be available soon.