Reading4 Essential Steps for Introverts to Find the Right Startup

4 Essential Steps for Introverts to Find the Right Startup

Looking for a new company but don't know where to begin? Here's what you need to know about choosing a startup, from the introvert's perspective.

Does this sound like you?

- You want to find a place to work that allows you to feel like a human being, work with productivity but prioritize your health when you get exhausted?

- You love to help and work with people, but you find them exhausting?

- Traditional office cultures with your body stuck in the chair from 8 AM to 5 PM sound like a nightmare?

- Looking for a new workplace that honors self-reflection and recharging?

If this sounds like you, you’re probably an introvert and you’re wondering how you can find your next ideal introvert-friendly work home.

Your solution? It’s DevRev.

I may be an introvert, but don't let that fool you - I'm passionate about making connections and creating value for others. That's one reason startups have always felt like a great fit to me; however, it can still be tricky navigating these highly collaborative environments as they aren't tailored toward us introverts! Despite what some might believe, being an introvert doesn’t mean shying away from people - in fact, I love getting out there and talking with my colleagues (and sometimes even surprise them when they find out!). It definitely takes effort on both sides to make sure everyone is comfortable enough to work together productively – something this shy-at-heart person has learned how to do pretty well so far. So I wanted to share how this introverted person could find the next right company to work at, especially as an introvert.

In this article, let’s talk about 4 things to look for when choosing your next workplace, and the introvert-centered environment you need!

1. **Flexible Work Culture**

A flexible work culture demonstrates that a startup values both its employees and the success of their business. By allowing for an environment with diverse working conditions, personnel have access to more than just sitting in one spot all day - they can take breaks without taking time off or even switch contexts throughout the day if necessary. This not only gives individuals peace and quiet when needed but also allows them to synthesize their completed tasks better while still achieving desired outputs on-time. Overall, flexibility yields countless benefits towards long-term sustainability within any company setting!

2. **Remote-Work is a Plus**

As an introvert, taking advantage of a flexible work culture is essential to my productivity and creativity. Working in an environment that allows me to take breaks from the office and recharge, gives me the opportunity to use my best potential. When I'm able to break away and find moments of peace, I can dive into my creative projects with an energy I wouldn't be able to achieve in an office setting. This is why it's so important for me to have access to remote locations or strong work-from-home policies that allow me this flexibility.

Having the ability to choose when and where I do my work has drastically improved my output. It gives me the freedom to find spaces or atmospheres that are conducive for creativity, whether it's a sunny park bench or a local coffee shop. It also allows me more control over my own workflow as I can manage distractions better by curating the type of workspace that works best for me.

Ultimately, this sense of autonomy helps maintain high productivity and creativity levels without having the fatigue associated with traditional office settings.

3. **Distributed Teams**

Working on a global or remote team presents incredible benefits - not only when it comes to minimizing an uneven workload between night-and-day shifts, but also in the way technology can provide introverted individuals with an opportunity to participate more wholeheartedly in their professional lives. Zoom calls, for example, offer a comfortable atmosphere and plenty of space for people who need time to reflect before they can formulate and share their thoughts. By doing so, these digital platforms allow members of all temperaments to communicate effectively and without judgement - making sure everyone feels heard and respected.

This type of virtual environment offers much more than just the chance for introverts to express themselves - it also provides them with an invaluable opportunity for self-growth. Not only do these digital tools make sure that everyone's opinions are taken into consideration and treated equally regardless of the speaker's personality, but they also give individuals new ways of developing their communication skills. Many shy people find it easier to share ideas when there is less pressure from face-to-face interactions - something that's highly beneficial not only for personal growth but also for building strong teams as well as fostering innovation and collaboration across companies.

4. **Culture of Reflection**

A culture of reflection is a key factor in my evaluation of whether or not I'd be a good fit for an organization, as it reflects their willingness to adapt and change when presented with new information. This indicates that they are able to assess and evaluate the successes and failures of a project, and apply those lessons in order to make their products or services more effective. To determine if a startup has such a culture, I typically assess the questions asked of me during the interview process. Questions about my experience in changing or pivoting projects when faced with new information can offer insight into the company’s attitude towards adaptation and learning from mistakes.

At my current company, DevRev, I have seen the most effective way to signal the importance of reflection. Everyone is required to complete, which is a 15-question survey designed to prompt employees about their past experiences and encourage them to take the time for meaningful self-reflection. To me, this was incredibly telling that DevRev genuinely cared about its employees taking a pause from their daily work routine and exploring their thoughts in a constructive manner.

What's more, the fact that they made it mandatory speaks volumes about how important they view reflection and its potential benefits for individual growth and productivity.

I am grateful that DevRev provides this opportunity for its team members - it's something I feel contributes significantly to my creative workflow and overall well-being. In addition, I believe it has also helped us foster an even closer sense of community between co-workers, as we are all able to take a step back from our day-to-day and gain insight into each other’s lives on a deeper level. I feel strongly that this practice will continue to benefit DevRev, both now and in the future.

Good luck out there fellow introverts! I hope you find your best fit startup too!