Deliver customer delight, the AI way, with DevRev.

DevRev elevates your support team productivity with advanced AI capabilities so they can confidently deliver a premium customer experience.

Support users, not tickets.

Gilad Shriki Co-founder, Descope

"The ability of DevRev to connect everything, so users can actually send me an email and it will hit my single pane of glass Inbox, that’s immense. I see one view of all the conversations I’ve had with them. That’s the key for me."

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Auto-respond with GPT-powered replies
  • 100x Agent productivity

    Make live-chat communication a breeze by letting GPT prep your agent's responses.

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  • Personalize with zero hassle
  • Skip queue time
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Empower every team to own customer relationships

Empower your agents and let AI do all the heavy lifting for routine ‘how-to’ queries for instant resolution and never leave the customer hanging.

Equip your product team to build beautiful products that your customers love based on insights.

Improve customer experience through sentiment analysis to map the trends in tickets and identify customer pain points.

Go beyond office hours and serve customers 24*7 enhancing customer satisfaction & engagement.

Accelerate your GenAI journey and achieve 4X productivity, saving 30% time in L3/L4 engineering collaboration.

Reduce total cost of ownership by 10X which includes implementation, analytics and extra license costs.

Deflect with Generative AI answers
  • No more bots. Hello, GenAI

    Intents and slots are dead. Stop building bots and let DevRev’s conversational AI for customer support learn from your knowledge base.

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  • Go Beyond KB Links
  • Deploy AI Chatbots in Minutes
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Derive insights with intelligent clustering

Group tickets with smart clusters that find semantic similarity across customer feedback to auto-generate product insights. Understanding the customer's needs is now easier with DevRev’s customer support automation software.

Routing Made Seamless & Efficient

Make fast and frictionless support possible by resolving customer support tickets with AI. Intelligently route the right ticket to the right agent based on their skills and efficiency.

Experience AI powered customer support in action.