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Uils elevates efficiency and innovation with DevRev

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The Company

Uils is a company that evolved from ‘Ruedas,’ initially focusing on mobility drivers. Now, Uils offers a modular, low-code/no-code fintech platform targeting the financial inclusion of underbanked communities in Latin America. The platform includes a fiat and crypto wallet, loan infrastructure, gamification, community features, a scoring engine, collections, and subscriptions.

The Challenge

Disjointed Support Processes

Uils used both Intercom and Jira to manage inquiries from their B2C users, which was both cost-intensive and complicated their daily tasks.

Inefficient B2B Client Management

Tracking interactions and negotiations with B2B clients and investors lacked detail and efficiency.

Fragmented Product Development

The absence of a unified workflow for taking ideas from conception to technological implementation and testing slowed down product development due to reliance on multiple tools and lack of a unified workflow.

Additionally, the pivot required ensuring the platform’s new functionalities (like gamification and community features) were seamlessly integrated and efficiently managed.

The Solution

Given the growing costs of maintenance and fragmented processes, and the new direction to include broader fintech functionalities, Uils wanted to converge multiple tools into a single platform. By replacing Intercom and Jira with DevRev, Uils managed user inquiries directly on the same platform where daily tasks were handled. Additionally, Uils utilized DevRev’s Grow app, a unified platform for support, customer success, sales, and product teams in SaaS to collaborate. DevRev’s Build app, an AI-first Product CRM, enabled Uils to transition from idea conception with the design team to technological implementation and subsequent testing. By utilizing DevRev’s platform, Uils was able to connect to third-party products and tools and also implement powerful automation and digital assistance.

DevRev’s ability to adapt and evolve with Uils’ needs was a significant advantage. The platform offered solutions that enhanced productivity, and the DevRev team provided quick responses and support for implementing new functionalities or improvements. As Uils’ support team primarily operated in Spanish, DevRev developed the Spanish versions of its PLuG widget, Macros, and Turing AI. This localization effort ensured seamless communication and enhanced the user experience for Uils’ Spanish-speaking customer base.

DevRev helped us so much that we even changed our way of working with everyone involved on our projects. DevRev is not just a platform; it is a key facilitator in our journey toward greater efficiency and effectiveness. It has been a game-changer for us, and I am eager to see how it will continue to evolve and support our growth in the future.

Josefina Cafferata LeloirCo-founder & CPO, Uils

The Results

  • The unified platform streamlined operations, reducing the complexity of managing B2C support, B2B clients, product development, and newly added functionalities like community features and gamification.
  • Handling B2C inquiries on the same platform as daily tasks led to a more efficient and satisfactory customer support process, improving customer experience and decreasing the Time to Resolution by 50%.
  • The integrated workflow in DevRev’s Build app significantly accelerated the development and launch of new features and improvements, reducing the Development Cycle Time by 30%.
  • By consolidating multiple tools and reducing maintenance costs, Uils had 40% cost savings, including reduced software licensing, maintenance, and operational efficiencies.
  • Enabled rapid testing and deployment of new fintech solutions, reducing the time to market and operational costs.

Top Features

  • Spanish native PLuG widget
  • Spanish native Turing
  • Spanish native Macros
  • Parts and Vistas
  • Integrations for Whatsapp, Slack, and GitHub
  • Automatic customer reply snap-in
  • Support analytics
  • Build to manage opportunity pipeline