ReadingWomen of DevRev: Elena kicks off her engineering career at DevRev

Women of DevRev: Elena kicks off her engineering career at DevRev


Growing up in a family of engineers, my fascination with logic and problem-solving was ingrained from an early age. Although I wasn't certain about my career path, I knew it had to involve logical thinking. This interest led me to enroll in the computer science program at the University of Ljubljana, a big decision considering I was born and raised in North Macedonia. At just 18, moving to a new country was daunting, but I wanted independence, exposure to different cultures, and personal success.

Starting my studies in an unfamiliar environment, struggling with a new language, and being one of the only women in my classes initially left me feeling out of place. Walking into a classroom and being the only girl there was quite intimidating to say the least. Yet, it made me thankful for all the women who have paved the way before me and made this opportunity possible for me. I quickly realized that overcoming these insecurities required a laser focus on my academic goals, not thinking too much about whether I belong.

One of the main topics I was interested in during my studies was AI. Although I am fascinated with this domain, I could never focus on only one field. I've been motivated by a deep curiosity, eager to explore and understand a wide range of subjects. Even after graduation, I continued to explore multiple disciplines, driven by a genuine curiosity and a passion for learning.

Discovering DevRev presented a turning point in my career journey. Despite my lack of prior experience in Android development, I was drawn to the company’s culture of innovation and growth. Joining the Mobile team, I found myself surrounded by supportive colleagues who encouraged me to push my boundaries and expand my skill set every day. This job challenges me in the best way possible.

Although I had found a job, I felt that my academic journey was far from complete. I recognized a gap in my understanding of the software development industry regarding its business dynamics. This realization inspired me to pursue a master's program in Business Informatics. This parallel pursuit reflects my belief in the importance of grasping the broader context and strategic implications of technological advancements.

As I embark on the early stages of my career, I am filled with anticipation for the road ahead, excited to delve deeper into the realms of technology and business, and eager to see what the future holds.