ReadingJanuary 2024: What's new at DevRev?

January 2024: What's new at DevRev?


Welcome to the first ever edition of our product updates blog! With a team of extraordinary engineers across the globe, we’re improving the DevRev app experience, enhancing existing features, and adding completely new features round the clock. This space will serve as a comprehensive list of all the relevant changes we’ve made to our app in the past month. We’ll not only detail the enhancements and new functionalities we’ve introduced, but will also provide information on how you can get started using them.

We hope this information enables you to adopt new features easily and maximize the value you get from our product. By keeping you informed and up-to-date, we also aim to build an interactive and engaged user community. If you have questions, need help getting started, or have feedback on this content, give us a shout at or through our PLuG chat widget in the DevRev app or on our website.

With that, let’s jump in.

The latest and greatest

Support analytics

support analytics.png

Making use of your data can feel like a big undertaking. The support analytics dashboard makes it simple to explore actionable insights and trends in customer experience metrics. Use filters to slice-and-dice the data, and click each widget for drill-through functionality that lets you delve deeper into the information. The dashboard has metrics for both tickets and conversations.

For a full list of metrics shown, the calculations used, and more information, visit the docs site.


DevRev Airdrop is how you migrate data from your existing apps into DevRev. You can also keep using your current apps alongside DevRev with bidirectional sync. We’ve made several improvements to Airdrop in the past month.

  • Airdrop Confluence: With Confluence import, you can convert Confluence pages into DevRev articles to enrich our knowledge base. Use these indexed articles in DevRev Turing to provide higher quality customer support and feature them in the PLuG widget or the support portal as knowledge base resources. We now also support creation of articles with attachments. Learn more on our docs site.
  • Airdrop Salesforce Service: Salesforce sync can now import opportunities, including related attachments and comments. This enhancement makes it easier for you to migrate to DevRev at your own pace, while still using Salesforce. For a full list of objects we can sync with and more information, refer to the docs site.
  • Airdrop ServiceNow Support (beta): To ease the transition from ServiceNow ITSM/CSM, you can choose to import your ServiceNow data into DevRev with the beta version of Airdrop ServiceNow import. This enables selective data import directly from ServiceNow. Learn more on our docs site.

Slack integration

Our Slack integration enables bidirectional sync between Slack and DevRev to bring order to the chaos of countless threads and constant notifications. We've made several upgrades to our Slack integration including:

  • An improved form for ticket creation directly from a Slack channel
  • DevRev conversation management in Slack
  • Slack notifications when a ticket's stage or severity has been updated
  • A smoother experience when linking a Slack channel to an account in DevRev
  • When creating a ticket in a Slack connect channel, we’ll now autofill the “Reported by” field based on context from the thread.

For more information, visit the docs site.

PLuG user tracking (beta)

You can now use the PLuG SDK to track user interactions. This feature lets you transmit customized events, defining how users engage with your product or website. Analyze these events to gain insights into product usage metrics, deploy targeted campaigns, and equip your customer experience team with precise information about customer interactions. Get started by visiting the docs site.

Minor adjustments, major impact

📢 We heard our duplicate detection nudge for accounts was getting a bit annoying. It will now only appear once per session, instead of on every page visit.

💬 When using Jira integration, comments created in DevRev are attributed to the original creator and creation time when synced to Jira. They will not redundantly be synced from Jira to DevRev after creation.

🔎 When using our Jira integration, you have the ability to search issues and tickets in DevRev by their Jira ID.

🚨 We added alerts for the following important Airdrop events: syn failed, sync with some failed items, and recipe mapping required.

🚚 We no longer automatically import new subtypes and new optional custom fields from external systems during syncs. Instead, we made it easier to select and manage fields while doing an import.

👥 Contacts can be moved from one account to another.

🎟️ When creating a ticket from a conversation, title and description fields will be auto populated based on the conversation.

This concludes our inaugural product updates blog. As always, we appreciate your feedback and encourage you to reach out with any questions or comments. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being a part of the DevRev community.