ReadingBeyond textbooks: AI companions on the journey from college to career

Beyond textbooks: AI companions on the journey from college to career


The potential and buzz surrounding machine learning, artificial intelligence, and particularly generative AI are omnipresent.

While progress is being made, achieving true diversity in the tech industry still requires significant effort. DevRev is dedicated to making AI accessible and creating an environment where women can advance their careers using AI. We promote innovation by increasing representation, eliminating biases, and embracing diverse perspectives. This blog embodies our commitment to these goals.

As we delve into the unique journeys of three remarkable women at our company—Shivani Raj, SEO Intern; Anitha, Frontend Intern; and Yagavi, Backend Intern—we uncover how AI has not only shaped their professional paths but also empowered them in ways beyond the workplace.

Join us as we explore their narratives, each distinct yet intertwined by a common thread of technological advancement and personal growth.

AI: The catalyst behind empowerment and independence

For Shivani Raj ( SEO Intern, DevRev ), the journey to empowerment and independence began with the resilience she learned from her single mother. Growing up, her mother’s unwavering support and belief in her became the bedrock of her drive to succeed. This foundation laid the groundwork for Shivani’s journey, propelling her forward despite daunting challenges.

Her first foray into AI came when a senior from her university offered her an internship at ‘Speak Your Mind,’ a start-up providing education on financial literacy and mental health to underprivileged kids. This life-changing experience allowed her to work closely with eager young minds, witnessing their growth and transformation. Technology, particularly AI, played a huge role in her journey, offering new skills, expanding her horizons, and connecting her with incredible people worldwide.

My AI Alchemy: From Textbooks to Terminals

AI has been Anitha’s constant companion ( Frontend Intern, DevRev ).

Her college days, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, introduced her to online classes and AI exam proctors who were stricter than actual invigilators. Even when she didn’t feel like listening to classes, AI note-takers wrote more accurate, structured notes.

At DevRev, Anitha frequently uses ChatGPT to decipher complex code snippets and tools like PerplexityAI and JuliusAI to develop efficient code. These technologies have continuously lent a helping hand, providing solutions across various tasks. Reflecting on her journey, she feels privileged to have access to incredible tools and grow alongside them.

Embracing AI: From College to Career

For Yagavi ( Backend Intern, DevRev), AI has been a game-changer at college and at work. She integrates AI into her daily life, extensively using tools like ChatGPT and Copilot. Reflecting on her journey, Yagavi acknowledges that AI has been a valuable companion, aiding her with college assignments and enhancing workplace efficiency.

Now at DevRev, AI tools streamline Yagavi’s work processes by assisting in crafting resumes, identifying key keywords, and improving workflows. Tasks that once took hours are now completed efficiently, making her work life easier and more productive.

Embracing AI means embracing the future and all its possibilities.

The journeys of Shivani, Anitha, and Yagavi showcase how AI has empowered women in their careers and lives.

With AI, challenges are overcome, boundaries are pushed, and a smarter, faster, more efficient world is created. Here’s to AI and the incredible feats it will achieve.