WEBINARThe story behind the women building DevRev's AI and data platform
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About the webinar

Women in AI - The Story Behind the Women Building DevRev's AI and Data Platform

Uncover the unique journeys of our featured speakers as they share their narratives – the defining moments that led them into tech and the passion that fuels their work. ​

Gain insights into the resources and platforms our speakers leverage to stay up-to-date in the ever-evolving field of AI. From online courses to industry events, discover the tools and strategies that have proven invaluable in staying ahead in the analytics and AI landscape. ​

Drawing from their own experiences, our speakers will provide empowering advice for women aspiring to enter the world of AI and analytics. From navigating challenges to seizing opportunities, this segment will be invaluable for those considering or already on the path to a career in this exciting field ​Q&A session: Your chance to interact! Pose questions to our speakers and get insights into the dynamic world of AI, technology, and the inspiring career journeys of our speakers.

  • Date14 March, 2023

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Our speakers for the session

Shruthi Racha

Engineering, DevRev


Anupama Lolage

Engineering @DevRev


Haritha Ramakrishnan

Product Manager, DevRev

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​Gain valuable insights into the intersection of AI and SaaS architecture. ​Be inspired by the stories of successful women in tech

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