WEBINARFrom code quantity to quality: How AI can improve developer experience
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From code quantity to quality: How AI can improve developer experience

​According to a recent survey by GitHub, 70% of developers believe AI coding tools will improve their code quality, and accelerate completion time. In this webinar, Surag and Mithun will dive into exactly how AI tools can benefit developers. Join us to uncover:

​The core activities consuming developers' time, from coding and addressing security vulnerabilities to gathering end-user feedback and investing in professional development

​The role AI will play in improving developer performance, the skills that will become less important for developers, and the performance benchmarks they might be evaluated against with the rise of AI tools

​How Pixee.ai and DevRev are revolutionizing developer workflows. Surag will explain how Pixee.ai aids developers in addressing security vulnerabilities, while Mithun will highlight DevRev's role in enhancing user feedback mechanisms

  • Date21 March, 2024

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Our speakers for the session

Mithun Manjunath

Product Manager, DevRev


Surag Patel

Co-founder & CEO, Pixee

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