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AI-powered support automation with DevRev

Support automation can reduce operational costs by as much as 70%. In this video, Meghesh Toshaniwal, Product Manager at DevRev, explores the transformative power of AI-driven automation in customer support. Discover how artificial intelligence streamlines operations, enhances customer experiences, and empowers support teams.

L1 support is the first line of defense for customer support. Watch this video to learn about:

1. The essential role of Level 1 support teams in managing and categorizing inquiries, resolving simple issues, and escalating complex cases

2. How Turing AI by DevRev provides precise responses, enhancing both the support team's efficiency and customer satisfaction

3. How to increase deflection of support queries using Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)

Join Meghesh to see how to enhance customer support automations using DevRev.

  • Date09 May, 2024

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Our speaker for the session

Meghesh Toshaniwal

Product Manager, DevRev

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Get insights into streamlining workflows in L1 support to reduce response times. Learn how Gen AI and RAG can increase deflection so your support teams can focus on more complex tasks. Take an inside look at some of DevRev’s most powerful support automation capabilities.

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