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Make development work meaningful and insights-driven with a modern AI approach to issue tracking and work management


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Make development customer-centric

Bridge the gap between customer impact and development effort

Connect customer tickets to development tasks so your engineering team is always aware of they’re building, who it’s for, and how it adds value

Expand visibility of work

Bring engineering work to the front and center of your organization’s view

Instantly generate sprint summaries and connect development tasks to larger strategic goals so stakeholders are always in the loop of what your team is building.


Bring agility back to sprints

Make sprint planning a breeze with AI-powered insights


Move away from daily stand-ups and complex scrum protocols. Instantly detect high-priority issues and sprint progress reports with NLP commands so you can confidently pick the most important issues in each sprint cycle.

Plan projects with efficiency

Optimize resource allocation with smart work distribution insights


Maintain a top-down view of who is working on what even as you scale. Take a step back from manual project planning with data-driven resource utilization insights so you can always assign the right owner to the right task.

Sync with tools you already use

Spend more time on high-impact work and less on recording it


Set up bidirectional syncs with your existing tools like Jira and GitHub so work is always updated in real-time and driven by code.

Everything you need to build products your customers love - on one platform

  • Sprint analytics

  • Smart-clustering of customer tickets

  • Sprint planning

  • AI-driven prioritization

  • AI-generated release notes

  • Jira bidirectional sync

  • GitHub bidirectional sync

  • And much more

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