The Builders of DevRev

DevRev was founded by Dheeraj Pandey, former CEO of Nutanix and Manoj Agarwal, former executive at Nutanix. Dheeraj founded Nutanix and led the company to the biggest technology IPO in 2016. Last year, both Dheeraj and Manoj left the company to found DevRev. We recently announced our seed funding, one of the largest ever in the history of Silicon Valley.

In addition to the co-founders, the other founding members of the company have profound design and AI experiences in building intelligent, distributed systems for planet-scale operations.

Dheeraj Pandey memoji

Dheeraj Pandey

Manoj Agarwal memoji

Manoj Agarwal

Adarsh Jaju memoji

Adarsh Jaju

Microsoft Alum
Aditi Mishra memoji

Aditi Mishra

Nutanix Alum
Ahmed Bashir memoji

Ahmed Bashir

Apple Alum
Akanksha Deswal memoji

Akanksha Deswal

Microsoft Alum
Amisha Kothari memoji

Amisha Kothari

BITS Pilani Alum
Anindya Misra memoji

Anindya Misra

Capital One Alum
Ankit Jain memoji

Ankit Jain

Razorpay Alum
Ankur Vishwakarma memoji

Ankur Vishwakarma

NIT Mizoram Alum
Anshu Avinash memoji

Anshu Avinash

Cohesity Alum
Anupama Lolage memoji

Anupama Lolage

Nutanix Alum
Arturo Aparicio memoji

Arturo Aparicio

JFrog Alum
Ashwini Vasanth memoji

Ashwini Vasanth

Nutanix Alum
Bhavana Thudi memoji

Bhavana Thudi

Nutanix Alum
Bhavani Hari memoji

Bhavani Hari

Facebook Alum
Blaž Ciglenečki memoji

Blaž Ciglenečki

Nova KBM Alum
Brandt Swanson memoji

Brandt Swanson

UT Austin Alum
Brent Chun memoji

Brent Chun

Nutanix Alum
Brian Byrne memoji

Brian Byrne

Confluent Alum
Chandra Nath memoji

Chandra Nath

Palantir Alum
Chris Brown memoji

Chris Brown

Duke University Alum
Dario Gavranović memoji

Dario Gavranović

Deepak Gupta memoji

Deepak Gupta

Rubrik Alum
Dejan Mesar memoji

Dejan Mesar

Halcom Alum
Dharmendra Singh memoji

Dharmendra Singh Alum
Divanshu Aggarwal memoji

Divanshu Aggarwal

Zeotap Alum
Divya Nair memoji

Divya Nair

Nutanix Alum
Dominik Domjakob memoji

Dominik Domjakob

Stanford University Alum
Drago Radin memoji

Drago Radin

Plume Design Alum
Eric Barrett memoji

Eric Barrett

UC Berkeley
Eric Leite memoji

Eric Leite

Alto Pharmacy Alum
Fenglong Cai memoji

Fenglong Cai

University of Michigan Alum
Harpinder Jot Singh memoji

Harpinder Jot Singh

BITS Pilani Alum
Jan Olderdissen memoji

Jan Olderdissen

Nutanix Alum
Jeevan Surendran memoji

Jeevan Surendran

VTU Belagavi Alum
Kaivalya Swami memoji

Kaivalya Swami

IIT Delhi Alum
Kapil Garg memoji

Kapil Garg

Uber Alum
Katherine Cherry memoji

Katherine Cherry

St. Joseph’s University Alum
Katja Korenjak memoji

Katja Korenjak

Oryx Gaming Alum
Kavya Komareddy memoji

Kavya Komareddy

Vakilsearch Alum
Ken Chen memoji

Ken Chen

Airbnb Alum
Lörinc Bódy memoji

Lörinc Bódy

Eötvös Loránd University Alum
Luka Košenina memoji

Luka Košenina

Adacta Fintech Alum
Madhukar Kumar memoji

Madhukar Kumar

Zuora Alum
Matjaz Finzgar memoji

Matjaz Finzgar

Celtra Alum
Matt Schrimpf memoji

Matt Schrimpf

Palantir Alum
Meenakshi Sharma memoji

Meenakshi Sharma

Cyware Labs Alum
Michael Machado memoji

Michael Machado

Quip Alum
Minkyoung Lee memoji

Minkyoung Lee

Carnegie Mellon University
Mladen Barjaktarevic memoji

Mladen Barjaktarevic

Plume Design Alum
Mohan Maturi memoji

Mohan Maturi

Nutanix Alum
Nadia Matin memoji

Nadia Matin

Vanderbilt University
Nghia Nguyen memoji

Nghia Nguyen

Palantir Alum
Nikhil Talwar memoji

Nikhil Talwar

Nutanix Alum
Nikola Collins memoji

Nikola Collins

BP3 Global Alum
Nim Arora memoji

Nim Arora

Facebook Alum
Nitesh Dubey memoji

Nitesh Dubey

Indian Institute of Information Technology Guwahati Alum
Parikshit Deshmukh memoji

Parikshit Deshmukh

Nutanix Alum
Peter Marinšek memoji

Peter Marinšek

Visionect Alum
Prabath Siriwardena memoji

Prabath Siriwardena

WSO2 Alum
Pratyush Goel memoji

Pratyush Goel

Delhi Technological University Alumnus
Purav Manoj Shah memoji

Purav Manoj Shah

NYU Alum
Rabi Shanker Guha memoji

Rabi Shanker Guha

Google Alum
Raghuram Nimishakavi memoji

Raghuram Nimishakavi

eBay Alum
Rasko Pavlovic memoji

Rasko Pavlovic

Halcom Alum
Rok Preskar memoji

Rok Preskar

Digiverse Alum
Ruoxi Li memoji

Ruoxi Li

Autodesk Alum
Sahil Jain memoji

Sahil Jain

Reliance Jio Alum
Saloni Dhawan memoji

Saloni Dhawan

Cohesity Alum
Sambhav Jain memoji

Sambhav Jain

Delhi Technological University Alum
Shlomi Vaknin memoji

Shlomi Vaknin

Nutanix Alum
Shravan Mettu memoji

Shravan Mettu

Tetration Analytics Alum
Srividya Tata memoji

Srividya Tata

Oracle Alum
Steven Poitras memoji

Steven Poitras

Nutanix Alum
Sunil Pandey memoji

Sunil Pandey

Goldman Sachs Alum
Suraj Narra memoji

Suraj Narra

Adobe Alum
Tjaša Šinkovec memoji

Tjaša Šinkovec

Blub Blub Alum
Umang Malik memoji

Umang Malik

IIT Kanpur Alum
Vaibhav Thakkar memoji

Vaibhav Thakkar

IIT Kanpur Alum
Vamsi Krishna memoji

Vamsi Krishna

Nutanix Alum
Victor Kamanga memoji

Victor Kamanga

MIT Alum
Violex Ming memoji

Violex Ming

UC Berkeley Alum
Unicorn - memoji
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Our investors and advisors

Vinod Khosla photo

Vinod Khosla

Founder, Khosla Ventures

A lot of developers today start their days by looking at the list of issues and bug fixes and thinking about which ones to tackle first. Often, the code they end up writing or modifying has little or no significance to how customers use the product and features. DevRev's bold, yet simple vision to bring the developers closer to the customers is one of those groundbreaking ideas we feel will affect every single company in the future.

Navin Chaddha photo

Navin Chaddha

Managing Director, Mayfield Fund

Technology decisions are moving from a Return on Investment model to the Rise of the Individual, the new “ROI” model. DevRev addresses the fundamental question of how to empower and elevate the future individual developer — to become truly business-focused — as conscious entrepreneurs who connect their work to revenue, end users, and markets.

Ravi Mhatre photo

Ravi Mhatre

Managing Director, Lightspeed Ventures

Dheeraj and I spent a whole decade building a new category that brought such delight to Nutanix customers, and eventually to its shareholders who participated in the massive business model shift to subscription. I am looking forward to this empty canvas of DevRev, in how it canonicalizes yet another business model: PLG.

Ajeet Singh photo

Ajeet Singh

Co-founder and Executive Chairman, ThoughtSpot

They say software is eating the world. I feel software without the yin-yang of AI and design will have very little impact in improving broken customer relationships. And without the developers, we can’t keep throwing enough managers and dashboards at the problem of customer churn. We need to bring creators out of the back office.

Deepak Malhotra photo

Deepak Malhotra

Professor, Harvard Business School

The key to value creation in business (as in everything else) is empathy. DevRev’s transformative approach leverages data, design, and AI to apply this insight where it matters most: towards eliminating the social distance between makers and users. It is a business model that situates the core drivers of value — developers & revenue generating customers — at the center of everything, not just in rhetoric, but in practice.

Gokul Rajaram photo

Gokul Rajaram

Product and Business Helper, Doordash

I believe that talent is global and not confined to a specific city or region. I believe that talent is diverse across every dimension that defines us as humans. I believe the best leaders are able to bring together global, diverse teams and inspire them to become a team that’s greater than the sum of the parts, and to do their best work. DevRev is one such place that brings all of these together and I am incredibly excited to be part of this journey.

Irene Au photo

Irene Au

Design Partner and Adjunct Lecturer

Designing something that genuinely changes peoples' lives in meaningful ways requires having a deep empathy for users. Combine this with data and the ability to communicate with your end users in real time, and now you have a compelling product and customer experience. This is the core of DevRev thinking.

Jake Seid photo

Jake Seid

Founder & Managing Director, Stone Bridge Ventures

Product-Led Growth (PLG) will be the de facto business model for SaaS this decade. DevRev shows the way of how to build a delightful product that is inherently “internet-led” from the get-go. It shines light on a whole new process of building and driving customer experiences.

Manmeet Sandhu photo

Manmeet Sandhu

Chief People Officer, PhonePe

India is becoming a powerhouse of SaaS developers, and they’re quite customer-aware and jugaad-savvy. I want DevRev to create happy developers, and more importantly, cater to an increasingly diverse talent pool that is building code and growing businesses. Having engaged with the team at DevRev over the last few months, I am floored by their passion to solve a complex problem simply and at scale.

Poojan Kumar photo

Poojan Kumar

Co-founder and CEO, Clumio

Business model. Business model. Business model. That’s what I learned from the Nutanix transition, and burn the midnight oil on at Clumio. There was on-prem and now there’s the cloud. For Clumio to be a next-generation company, I look forward to how my developers lean in on all things PLG.

Rajiv Batra photo

Rajiv Batra

Co-founder, Palo Alto Networks

Engineers and developers are constantly seeking meaningful connections to users of their products. It is my strong belief that to build more effective solutions, critical need exists for mechanisms that break silos between creators and the users. I look forward to DevRev’s maker-consumer APIs and social experiences in how they bring these passionate, connected creators closer to their users.

Sudheesh Nair photo

Sudheesh Nair

CEO, ThoughtSpot

PLG has taught us how developers and code are at the center of customer experience. Seeing developers in action — in the way they operate, support, and grow our customer base — is immensely satisfying. I look forward to the bold vision of DevRev and its APIs in helping our makers become true merchants of SaaS.