ReadingBeyond convenience: Reframing my relationship with technology through Essentialism.

Beyond convenience: Reframing my relationship with technology through Essentialism.


Born and raised in a culturally rich city, Hyderabad, I’ve always been fascinated about buildings, fashion and history.

What do these have in common? Culture!

With people from various backgrounds and unique habits, the mix of culturally rich crowds has created a distinctive and dynamic atmosphere.

There are a lot of influences in tiny aspects of life yet, you will always find a trace back to the simpler times when people led a minimalistic and need-based life.

While these influences have evolved over time, they share a common thread that ties them back to simpler, minimalistic beginnings.The industrial revolution had an unchangeable impact on the economy, lifestyle and further cultural influences. There was a shape-shift in how people perceived life, to a comfort-led and make-it-easy model. Then came the technological revolution where you could get anything from your point of place.

What led to this approach to life? The demand for convenience and immediacy.

We are now in an era where we crave instant results and rapid execution.

The faster the better. But what is lacking here sometimes is understanding what is essential for us right now.

Every being can thrive with just essentials, but comforts and luxuries are not always unnecessary. It’s easy to claim that we can live with only what we need, but it’s much harder to put into practice.

The metamorphosis of task automations across various walks of life has always got me wondering how it has become a copilot to solve our daily mundane tasks. This is leading us back to the same simple, minimalistic and need-based life.

We can now delegate our mundane tasks to our AI friend and go back to self-nurturing and self-care that might have been lost in the chaos of our machine-life.

Looking back at my journey from a fashion enthusiast in high school and a civil engineer during my undergrad, I see that the foundation of every program created for human beings lies in what the ‘user’ essentially needs for the particular ‘use-case’.

I am a marketer now and feel so relatable and relevant.

When you work at a tech company, it is obvious that you learn something about code or product management.

At DevRev, from our founders to interns, we are all encouraged to follow the culture of Essentialism where there are three keys as per my understanding; Context, Authenticity, Productivity.

Balancing these three can make the process efficient and the end-product useful.

Customer-centricity is the key to capture essentialism for the end-user according to their use-case.

Taking that forward to my personal life too, a recent project I owned to renovate my house was also following the very same concept of Essentialism. From getting rid of unnecessary items that were just lying around without any purpose to organising all the required ones with proper segmentation, I realised that every product or service should have the intent of solving for the better.

I broke a wall that was just creating a silo in my space by obstructing light and ventilation for the sole purpose of having a private area which was very small. Little things also have a bigger impact and it was satisfying to bring brightness to that common space.

In renovating my house, I focused on identifying what was important and valuable for my lifestyle. Instead of opting for every trendy upgrade, I carefully selected improvements that would enhance the functionality and comfort of my living space. This meant prioritising quality over quantity, choosing durable materials, and investing in versatile furniture for multiple purposes.

Similarly, at DevRev, we use AI to streamline processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation, all while adhering to the core principles of essentialism.

Since starting as an intern and becoming a full-time team member, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of this approach. I am grateful to DevRev for the incredible growth opportunities and for continuously inspiring me to apply essentialism in every aspect of my life.