Fast, Reliable & Human-like Support With Modern Live Chat Software Using GPT

Eliminate unhelpful robotic responses that end up resulting in escalating to an agent, or even worse - customers never returning. DevRev’s live chat software, PLuG delights your customers leveraging the latest in GPT.

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AI is just a feature. Apply it to well-structured support data only in DevRev. This is just the beginning.

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PLuG: An In-app Customer Center
  • In-app Support

    Deliver personalized live chat and support to your customers where they are: in app, in context

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  • AI powered case deflection
  • End user visibility
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AI Powered Support

Ensure customer feedback isn’t lost in the noise. Eliminate tedious manual work with machine learned workflows.

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Put your customer at the center

Understand your users on a deeper level. Seamlessly personalize every conversation.

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When we started Descope, we thought hard about customer success — namely, how to engage with a high volume of customers, without needing to hire a ton. DevRev's extensible API-first platform enables scale up while still delivering high-quality support.”
Gilad Shriki

Co-Founder, Descope