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Growth: SEO - Content Strategist and Writer

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


DevRev is a business software company that brings developers (Dev) and customers (Rev) together in the era of product-led growth. The company is building an API-first, dev-centric CRM that leverages data, design, and machine intelligence to empower developers to build, support, and grow their businesses. In times of anemic NPS and high customer churn, DevRev strives to create the world's most customer-centric companies led by happy developers. Grok and grep more on DevRev via the web, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

After former Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey and Nutanix executive Manoj Agarwal raised one of the largest ever seed rounds in the history of Silicon Valley, they set out to create a highly engaging system of record that promises to make product development and customer service joyous. DevRev is solving a difficult AI and design problem, and the early employees are committed to the marathon of company-building and hard problem-solving.

Job Description:

Mid century New Yorker journalist A.J. Liebling claimed “I can write faster than anyone who can write better and better than anyone who can write faster.” At DevRev, we are helping to blaze the trail of product-led growth, a new trend in building technology companies. Critical to this effort are both sharing deep thought leadership and laying the breadcrumbs for people engaging with adjacent topics online to find their way to us.

We are looking for talented undergraduate writers who are excited to bring a spirit of craftsmanship to working at the intersection of journalism and tech. Wordsmith Interns will write and publish regular articles to drive interest in well articulated technical concepts and their relation to the DevRev App. The creation of high-quality content is essential for our Growth team to be able to successfully increase organic traffic to our website for potential customers to find our products. Within this role, you will also have the opportunity to work on a content strategy to complement our search-engine optimization (SEO) initiatives. You will be responsible for a certain number of articles to write weekly, while engaging with strategy and learning new technologies.

Minimum qualifications:

  • Experience in SEO, growth, and content marketing.
  • Proven experience in writing high quality content for either a publication or a website blog with examples.(External facing content)
  • Proven experience of writing content that helped with an increase in organic traffic.
  • Experience and knowledge of doing keyword research and coming up with content strategy.
  • Ability to ideate about and generate content effectively.
  • An eye for detail and a passion for storytelling.
  • Background in computer science or a programming language is highly preferable.

Responsibilities :

  • Research and write technical content aimed at developers and technical audiences.
  • Adhere to company standards and writing style guide.
  • Manage content output from others within the company and independent freelancers.


The foundation of DevRev is its culture -- our commitment to those who are hungry, humble, honest, and who act with heart. Our vision is to help build the earth’s most customer-centric companies. Our mission is to leverage design, data engineering, and machine intelligence to empower engineers to embrace their customers. That is DevRev!