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Ops: Strategic Operations

Austin, Texas, United States


DevRev is ushering in the era of Developer Customer Relationship Management.  The foundation of this new category is an end-to-end platform for developers to build products, support end users, and grow their businesses in a product-led era of all things code. The outcome will bring Developers closer to Revenue and increase developer productivity by humanizing software development with the use of design, data engineering, and machine intelligence (AI/ML).

DevRev is a company for developers built by developers. We at DevRev believe that to efficiently connect developers to customers, we must harness the knowledge of engineers to build a knowledge-centric system, making enterprise software more product- and customer-centric.

After former Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey and Nutanix executive Manoj Agarwal raised one of the largest ever seed rounds in the history of Silicon Valley, they set out to create a highly engaging system of record that promises to make product development and customer service joyous. DevRev is solving a difficult AI and design problem, and the early employees are committed to the marathon of company-building and hard problem-solving.

Strategic Operations

The Strategic Operations team’s mission is to help DevRev grow and scale efficiently by designing the best possible operations “machinery” of the company as early as possible. In many ways, this team is in service of DevRev teams and employees who are delivering the best products and services for our customers - product, engineering, sales, and support. Strategic operations are inward-facing.

Great operations design and delivery makes the difference between a mediocre “this is how it has always been done” and a more elegant, scalable, and flexible solution that evolves with DevRev. Hiring, knowledge management, real estate, travel, performance management - you name it - can all benefit if we get it right during these early days. It can’t be an after-thought, as it often is in start-ups.

The day-to-day specifics of the work of members of our team vary, but typically involve a hybrid of operational, strategic, analytical, and technical work. We dive deep into DevRev's needs, people, processes, data, and systems, identifying where large operational designs (or redesigns) can deliver 100x improvements through first-principles thinking, as well as where small operational efficiencies, automations, and tools can buy us “inches.” We are expected to work cross-functionally and collaboratively across DevRev to deliver measurable results.

Job Description

The Members of the Strategic Operations team will have the opportunity to work on the highest-priority operational initiatives associated with rapidly scaling a new global technology start-up. The pace will be fast, the learning will be firehose-caliber, and the impact will be eminently tangible. No task is too big or too small for the right candidate, because getting even the little things right is essential to building a successful organization.

Specific responsibilities for the members of the team may include a wide range of activities required to deliver design and deliver uniquely effective and efficient operational performance. To take hiring and ongoing employee success as examples, for instance, these activities may include:

  • Designing (and redesigning) unique operational processes through first-principles thinking and roll-up-your-sleeves collaboration
  • Taking a systems-focused approach to building scalable operations
  • Rolling out new operational processes as the “first user” to develop the deep understanding needed to inform rapid, impactful iteration cycles
  • Designing and executing data-collection strategies to drive excellence and efficiency in the recruitment process, as well as to lay the foundation for ongoing employee success, satisfaction, and retention
  • Creation of reporting dashboards to monitor performance trends across all talent functions (e.g., recruiting funnel, process efficiency) and leveraging analyses to inform strategic decision-making
  • Being the “all access” point for candidates and employees as our “customers” with an exceptional standard for service and execution
  • Managing our global talent events agenda, including university recruiting, job fairs, hackathons, and tech talks
  • Ensuring that all candidates have a seamless application and interview process, including scheduling meetings, managing edge cases, and monitoring the effectiveness of our automated processes
  • Supporting new employees during their onboarding process to ensure a successful and delightful introduction to the company
  • Driving, monitoring, and moderating the activity on our company Discord server, including engaging with candidates and answering their questions
  • Designing, coordinating, and iterating on our learning program for DevRevelers’ professional development
  • Organizing office/team events and recognition for special occasions (e.g., retreats, happy hours, birthday surprises)

Ideal Candidate Qualifications:

  • BS/BA (or MS/MA/MBA) or equivalent degree, with outstanding academic performance
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical capabilities, with the ability to find creative solutions for open-ended problems
  • Outstanding communication, collaboration, and follow-up skills
  • Ability to connect with people deeply!
  • Excellent attention to detail and commitment to crisp execution
  • Ability to organize complex projects amid ambiguity and tight deadlines
  • Powerful orientation toward results, with an obsession to define, measure, and deliver against the most significant KPIs
  • Ability to document and organize information in a way that codifies knowledge
  • Passion for elegant and precise writing
  • Earnest commitment to learning and growth


The foundation of DevRev is its culture -- our commitment to those who are hungry, humble, honest, and who act with heart. Our vision is to help build the earth’s most customer-centric companies. Our mission is to leverage design, data engineering, and machine intelligence to empower engineers to embrace their customers. That is DevRev!

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