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Software Developer: AI/ML

Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia


DevRev is ushering in the era of Developer Customer Relationship Management.  The foundation of this new category is an end-to-end platform for developers to build products, support end users, and grow their businesses in a product-led era of all things code. The outcome will bring Developers closer to Revenue and increase developer productivity by humanizing software development with the use of design, data engineering, and machine intelligence (AI/ML).

DevRev is a company for developers built by developers. We at DevRev believe that to efficiently connect developers to customers, we must harness the knowledge of engineers to build a knowledge-centric system, making enterprise software more product- and customer-centric.

After former Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey and Nutanix executive Manoj Agarwal raised one of the largest ever seed rounds in the history of Silicon Valley, they set out to create a highly engaging system of record that promises to make product development and customer service joyous. DevRev is solving a difficult AI and design problem, and the early employees are committed to the marathon of company-building and hard problem-solving.

The AI/ML team’s objective is to build rational agents to support our customers (the Devs) in building and deploying products that delight their customers (the Revs) and to help the product evolve with personalized customer interactions. The work of this team addresses some of the most complex challenges at the core of DevRev’s mission.

A deep familiarity with the knowledge graph of all the entities in a Dev and a Rev organization as well as the diverse firehoses of event streams coming from all of the integrated services is the key to building an intelligent system of record that generalizes and learns. This is the difference between optional predictive models bolted on top of legacy software systems and a transformative change to the software industry.

Members of the AI/ML team are expected to own a model end-to-end. They must understand the business use case and map it to a state of the art ML technique and deploy it on a cloud-based model-serving platform. A level of scientific rigor and objectivity is required in evaluating different approaches and communicating them accurately. Additionally, a minimum level of systems engineering is required to build efficient model training and serving pipelines.

All team members are expected to be respectful of customer privacy and be proactive about addressing any ethical or fairness issues that may arise as part of their work.

Job Requirements

Candidates are expected to have a strong background in AI/ML as demonstrated by either of

  • A PhD in AI/ML.
  • An MS in AI/ML plus 2 years of work experience.
  • 5 years of industry experience in AI/ML.

Additionally, candidates are required to demonstrate expertise in some of the following areas:

  • Search
  • Ranking
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Personalization
  • Language Models
  • Unsupervised Clustering
  • Named-Entity Recognition
  • Causal Inference
  • Bayesian Inference
  • Deep Learning
  • Online Learning


The foundation of DevRev is its culture -- our commitment to those who are hungry, humble, honest, and who act with heart. Our vision is to help build the earth’s most customer-centric companies. Our mission is to leverage design, data engineering, and machine intelligence to empower engineers to embrace their customers. That is DevRev!

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